Gossip mill: Ku Hye-sun says divorced women are not unfortunate - and other entertainment news this week

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Ku Hye-sun: Divorced women are not unfortunate

She is single again after a bitter divorce scandal with South Korean actor-model Ahn Jae-hyun, and Korean actress Ku Hye-sun is feeling fabulous. In an interview with Ten Star magazine, she described herself as feeling "soulless" in the past with a laser-like focus on work. Now, she brings that soul and passion to work.

When it came to her divorce, she added: "I am thankful for everyone's encouragement. A lot of people think that divorced women are unfortunate, but I don't think so. If you say getting married is a hopeful fantasy, then getting divorced is a reality check which gives you the ambition and courage to change your life for the better."

In February this year, Hye-sun announced via Instagram that she was jetting off to England to study.

K-pop star reveals JYP Entertainment office is haunted by little boy


With the Hungry Ghost Festival here, 2AM's Jo Kwon has a chilling tale to share. According to Korean media, the 30-year-old boyband singer went on variety show Korean Foreigners and revealed that the building of JYP Entertainment is haunted. Apparently, nearly all the artistes and interns are aware of it.

He said: "This story has been spreading since JYP's first batch of artistes; even Rain and Lim Jeong-hee are aware of it. A little boy's spirit haunts the flight of stairs leading to the basement. Everyone who takes those stairs will trip and fall. I fell once and had to ask [South Korean singer] Sunmi to call the ambulance for me."

Jo Kwon also said that there was an intern who had the ability to see spirits and laughed when he saw the flight of stairs because he said there was a little boy sitting on the stairs with his legs dangling off the side.

Wu Bai fractures his ankle and tears ligament after ice-skating accident

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Wu Bai's concert tour has been put on hold since March due to the Covid-19 pandemic and was meant to resume next Friday, with tickets sold out. However, the Taiwanese rock singer took a tumble while ice-skating and suffered severe injuries which will see him off his feet and his concert postponed once again.

According to Taiwanese media, Wu Bai — who is known for engaging in various physical activities to keep fit — got into an accident, resulting in a fractured ankle and torn ligament. He had to undergo surgery to insert a metal rod and will need at least a three-month recovery period.

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