Gossip mill: Hong Kong actor 'Ah Chan' Liu Wai-hung stuck in Malaysia for 7 months - and other entertainment news this week

PHOTO: Facebook/ Father's Organic Farm

Hong Kong actor 'Ah Chan' Liu Wai-hung stuck in Malaysia for 7 months

In January, 62-year-old Hong Kong actor Liu Wai-hung — better known by his nickname Ah Chan — and his Malaysian wife left their home in China to visit the latter's relatives in Malaysia.

Of course, the coronavirus pandemic swept through the world soon after, causing flights to be cancelled, airports to close, and the couple 'stranded' in Malaysia. In a recent interview with Apple Daily Hong Kong, Wai-hung said he is reluctant to go back, because it would mean having to quarantine themselves for close to a month.

He explained he wanted to stop over in Hong Kong to visit his loved ones first before returning to China, but that would mean isolating themselves in the city for 14 days, and then later in China for another 14 days.

Meanwhile, he’s putting his time in Malaysia to good use by visiting agricultural farms to learn more about the trade and better manage his own organic farms in China.

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Friends hold electronic music funeral party at wake to celebrate late Luo Pei-ying's 60th birthday

PHOTO: Weibo

The late Taiwanese TV host Luo Pei-ying died days before her 60th birthday, but her friends didn't let it pass by quietly. On Wednesday (Aug 12), 17 of her girlfriends dressed up in their party clothes, brought along a custom-made birthday cake, and held a dance party at her wake, complete with Pei-ying's favourite electronic music.

Taiwanese media reported that the women sang a birthday song and told Pei-ying they love her. Taiwan-based Japanese celebrity Makiyo added: "Emotions were strong and we shouted (her name). This would be the last time that we can be with her."

Pei-ying's body was discovered at home on August 3, two days after her death. The coroner's report said she had consumed different types of medication, leading to her demise.

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'My chest got bigger': Gong Yoo's new video will leave fans wanting more

PHOTO: Screengrab/ YouTube/ Management Soop

The video interview is only three-minutes long, but fans will be thrilled by the wide spectrum of emotions and expressions K-drama hunk Gong Yoo showed in it.

The contents of the clip, filmed by his artiste management agency, is simple enough. The 41-year-old — dressed smartly in a black suit and tie — was asked the size of the biggest fish he's caught, and also to reveal a few 'TMI' (short for too much information) nuggets.

He bragged a little cockily about the huge 94cm fish he caught, saying that it was heavy even for a man like him. When the interviewer asked if he held the fish, Gong Yoo slapped his tight abs indignantly a few times in reply.

For the second question, he revealed earnestly: "My chest got slightly bigger, maybe since I've been working out a bit hard."

To see Gong Yoo looking smug, cute, horrified, and shocked, click here for the video and watch with the subtitles function enabled.

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