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Gossip mill: Vivian Hsu reads up on MOE Primary 1 material for 5-year-old son - and other entertainment news this week

Gossip mill: Vivian Hsu reads up on MOE Primary 1 material for 5-year-old son - and other entertainment news this week
Vivian Hsu with son Dalton.
PHOTO: Instagram/vivianhsu.ironv

Kiasu mum? Vivian Hsu reads up on MOE Primary 1 material for 5-year-old son

She may not be born and bred in Singapore, but 45-year-old Vivian Hsu might fit the mould of a kiasu mum to a T.

In a recent interview with Lianhe Wanbao, the Taiwanese singer-actress admitted that she got a friend to help her purchase Singapore's primary school textbooks so she can read them and prepare herself to guide her five-year-old son Dalton once he starts his formal education.

Vivian said: "I don't want to be a mum who doesn't know anything. So I set a goal for myself — I should be able to answer any questions Dalton has regarding his primary school subjects. I'm an 'iron mum'! I have to rise to the occasion. When he's doing his homework, how can I not know [the answers]? I have to continue to be worthy of his admiration."

The star shuttles between Taiwan and Singapore after marrying Singapore-based businessman Sean Lee.

Jerry Lamb wipes photos of him and wife on Instagram, sparks divorce rumours

Hong Kong actor Jerry Lamb's 18-year marriage has seemingly broken down.

After he cleared his Instagram of their photos, rumours of his divorce with wife Lily Hong started circling. It was said that the two had even finalised their divorce last week, with Hong Kong media reporting on Thursday (Sept 10) that they had gone through with the divorce.


Jerry, 49, seemingly addressed the issue when he uploaded a post and tagged Hong. He wrote: "I have no grudge against you Lily, and we don't have to care about what others say. Only you and I know that this is the best decision for everyone. Lily, you have given it your all, now you should work hard on you dreams."

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Joanne Peh wants directors to remember and call actors by their name, not 'Uncle', 'Auntie'

"You may be surprised, but something as simple as calling actors by our names is not deemed important by some directors. Especially towards the lesser-known actors," local actress Joanne Peh wrote on her Instagram yesterday (Sept 11).

On the same post, she shared a copy of her latest column in a local Chinese newspaper, where she called for more respectful and professional film sets.

The 36-year-old — who just celebrated her wedding anniversary to local actor Qi Yuwu — wrote about how a female drama director here does not call part-time actors by their names, instead addressing them as 'Ah Gong', 'Ah Ma', 'Ah Boy', 'Ah Girl', 'Auntie', or 'Uncle'.

The said director would also shout and talk in a harsh tone on set, which allows the other crew members on the set to follow her unexemplary behaviour.

In comparison, another director treats the part-timers differently. "Whenever there's an unfamiliar actor on set, he would ask for their name. If they are older than him, he would add the honorific 'Jie' (older sister) or 'Ge' (older brother) behind their names," Joanne wrote. The rest of the crew members would then follow suit.

She added: "When a director doesn't even remember an actor's name, it's also a slight to the latter. It's like saying actors are just a prop in the drama. When needed, you can place them anywhere you like. After filming, you don't need to remember who they are. This is a form of disrespect to any actor who's passionate about acting."

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