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Gossip mill: New Coco Lee song to be released, Sammi Cheng shows brutal gua sha bruises, IU gives Korean snacks to fans at KL airport

Gossip mill: New Coco Lee song to be released, Sammi Cheng shows brutal gua sha bruises, IU gives Korean snacks to fans at KL airport
Sammi Cheng (left) and the late Coco Lee.
PHOTO: Instagram/Sammi Cheng, Instagram/Coco Lee

New Coco Lee song to be released

The late Coco Lee's 30th debut anniversary is coming up on June 15, and her sister Nancy told Hong Kong media in a recent interview that a bronze statue of the diva will be unveiled at the Wuhan cemetery where her ashes are interred.

On top of that, she revealed that Coco, herself and their sister Carol had recorded a Mandarin cover of the 1973 song When Will I See You Again by The Three Degrees back in 2017 and even shot a music video, and the song will be released on that day as well.

The three sisters last collaborated in 1997's My Wings.

Sammi Cheng shows brutal gua sha bruises

Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng underwent a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) procedure that made us go holy shit!

Taking to her Instagram Story, the 51-year-old shared that she had gone for gua sha, where a TCM practitioner uses a tool to scrape along the recipient's body. It purportedly stimulates oxygenated blood flow to the affected areas.

However, it also causes capillaries to break, leading to some gnarly bruises which Sammi showed off in a photo of her bare back.

The marks start at the top of her neck and go along her arms and down her body, painting her whole back red.


IU gives Korean snacks to fans at KL airport


Fans are usually the ones giving their favourite celebs presents at the airport, but K-pop star IU recently turned the tables on her Malaysian Uaenas (fans).

The 31-year-old arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on June 6 ahead of her two shows in the city on June 8 and 9, and her fans took to social media to share that she had given them Korean snacks.


Videos from the airport show IU's staff carrying big plastic bags full of treats, which were distributed to be shared among fans.

"Sweet Jieunnie giving us snacks," a fan wrote on X, referring to IU's legal name Lee Ji-eun.

Though the fan realised that many of the snacks couldn't be eaten by Muslims as they are not halal, they still took some for memory's sake.

IU has a long history of treating fans at airports to snacks.

Posts on X, formerly Twitter, from as early as 2018 show IU bringing snacks and even a panda soft toy to an airport, the latter which she reportedly asked to be given to the youngest fan.

In 2020, fans shared that she had brought Indonesian Uaenas Korean snacks and returned with Indonesian snacks for South Korean fans.

Before she arrived in KLIA, IU amused Uaenas further when she chanced upon a shoe someone had lost at Incheon Airport.

She picked up and gave the single Croc to her security, who then reportedly called out: "Shoe! Whose shoe is this?"


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