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Gossip mill: Pierre Png oozes so much sex appeal in this ad that Desmond Tan is 'growing ovaries' - and other entertainment news this week

Gossip mill: Pierre Png oozes so much sex appeal in this ad that Desmond Tan is 'growing ovaries' - and other entertainment news this week
PHOTO: Screengrab from YouTube, Instagram/desmondtan

Pierre Png oozes so much sex appeal in this commercial that Desmond Tan is 'growing ovaries'


Local artiste Pierre Png is giving you bedroom eyes while lowkey beckoning you to join him on a luxurious bed in a fancy apartment.

Very cheeky, but property ads seem to be getting creative. Uploaded onto the hunky actor's Instagram page, the commercial sees Pierre showing off what an apartment in the RV Altitude condominium is furnished with.

He says alluringly at the start of the video: "At some point, you probably expect me to touch and caress all the furniture in the house. No. I'm not going to do it."

But he then proceeds to gently caress the sheets of the bed as he reveals that the apartment comes with a bed, bar, dining table, television console, and even sofa.

A sofa which the Crazy Rich Asian star gazes at fondly while he runs his hands across the seat cushion, feeling up that expensive-looking fabric. He then smirks, looks into the camera, and asks: "I'm doing the touching-caressing thing, aren't I?", before smiling sheepishly and turning away.

In response to the ad, local actor Desmond Tan commented: "I think I'm growing ovaries while watching this video."

Jeanette Aw designs sanitiser holders in special collaboration


Missed out Jeanette Aw's What The Fudge brownies? No, she's not opening more orders.

However, she has collaborated with eco-friendly lifestyle brand Cloversoft to design sanitiser holders which will be launched next Tuesday, Sept 22.

The local actress made the announcement on her Instagram page where she showed off the product. She wrote: "I wanted something bright and cheerful, that amidst these times, I can still bring you a little joy. I also wanted to express and reflect the sentiments of many wishing they could go for a holiday. So here's Sol, looking wistful, waiting for the moment she can take off in her hot air balloon once more."

Wayne Lai dishes gossip: Popular TVB actress was often late, didn't turn up for work

The longer you've been in showbiz, the more dirt you have on other celebrities. And who doesn't love a good gossip?

Hong Kong actor Wayne Lai dropped the bomb on a female co-star he worked with as her tardiness infuriated him. They were shooting a period drama together and the actress was often late, sometimes not even turning up for work.

He recounted one incident when they had an outdoor shoot at the peak of a mountain which was accessible only 20 minutes on foot. But the actress didn't turn up and the director had to find a body double to replace her. Wayne also had to go back up the mountain another day for reshoots.

He said: "And you know period costumes were quite laborious to wear, and we had to walk up the mountain. I was really angry."

There were also times when the actress still smiled and acted like nothing happened, even though she was late.

Wayne didn't identify who she is, but dropped a major hint that her behaviour didn't tarnish her star power. An Apple Daily video added that netizens researched on his previous co-stars in period dramas and found several possibilities.

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