Gossip mill: Zhu Houren says, if you get Covid-19 from breaking CB rules, you pay your hospital bills - and other entertainment news this week

Zhu Houren with wife Vera and sons Jonathan (left) and Joel (right).
PHOTO: Instagram/choohouren

Zhu Houren says, if you get Covid-19 from breaking CB rules, you pay your hospital bills

Despite the circuit breaker measures, there are still reports of people who refuse to adhere to the Government's instructions.

Well, veteran actor Zhu Houren wants to let them know that they should be prepared to foot their own hospital bills if they get struck with Covid-19. Well, you know what people say: You break, you pay. 

Speaking to 8 Days recently, the 65-year-old said: "People who have been gallivanting around outside for non-essential reasons should be paying their own hospital bills if they get infected.

"Why should the country be paying for you if you’re the one who hasn’t been responsible? Some might not agree with this, but it’s important to let everyone understand just how important being responsible is, or they will just keep doing things to endanger themselves and others."

And Houren is walking the talk as he masks up whenever he leaves the house (or is in the car) and he only steps out once a week to do grocery shopping with the wife. The couple even disinfect their shoes before they enter the house.

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Indian fan chases Chris Hemsworth on motorbike just to get autograph

The art of chasing celebrities is something some of us are familiar with. But how far will you go for the one you idolise?

A man in India chased Chris Hemsworth on a motorbike and it was even recorded by the star himself. The 36-year-old Australian actor ⁠— who was in his car when it happened ⁠— posted the clip, which saw the man riding his bike and trying to get the actor's attention by flashing a photo at him.

While the man could not hear any of Chris' responses, the actor was willing to give an autograph but "not in the middle of the traffic, though". The Avengers star was also worried for the man's safety. At various points in the video, he actually called out to the man to caution him about oncoming traffic.

After his transport came to a pause, Chris alighted and gave the man the autograph he wanted and took a picture with a few other fans who had gathered.

It's likely that this incident took place while Chris was in India shooting the action film Extraction. The film is available on Netflix and sees Chris reuniting with the Russo Brothers (who directed some of the biggest films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

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Catch JJ Lin on the PlayOn Festival livestream this weekend

Can't get enough of homegrown singer JJ Lin? Or perhaps you just missed the chance to snag tickets to his latest concert?

Then you'll be happy to know that his Sanctuary World Tour 2.0 will be streamed live this weekend as part of the three-day music extravaganza known as PlayOn Festival. Organised by Warner Music Group, PlayOn Festival will livestream previously recorded performances by the label's biggest artistes.

Aside from JJ, you can also catch performances by Coldplay, Cardi B, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran — just to name a few. Talk about #singaporerepresent on a global stage, eh?

The party kicked off at midnight on Saturday, April 25 (local time) and JJ's concert will be streamed at 1.20pm today. You can catch the performances on the PlayOn Festival website or SongKick's YouTube channel.

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