Han So-hee only knew about her intimate topless scene in Netflix's drama My Name during filming

PHOTO: Instagram/xeesoxee

Filming a scene topless for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience for any actress.

Talking about her new drama My Name, Han So-hee revealed on Wednesday (Oct 20) that she was only told of the intimate scene with her co-star Ahn Bo-hyun during filming.

The 27-year-old Korean actress played Ji-woo, a high-school dropout who goes undercover as a police officer to take revenge on her father's killer after witnessing his murder when she was only 17.

The intimate scene happened in episode eight of the Netflix series, and it was reportedly the first time So-hee has gone topless in her career.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Netflix

She said: "At first, of course, I was doubtful [about the intimate scene] if it would be okay. I wondered if it would hinder Ji-woo's goal of revenge. However, I interpreted it as the first time she accepted human emotions and the only time Ji-woo was a human.

"Rather than love and affection taking flight, it was more of a moment where she became human for the first time and it was a device that made her want to live like a human. I didn't think of it as a scene where her values collapsed."

So-hee's role in My Name — which premiered on Oct 15 — is a change from the girlish image that fans were used to seeing in earlier dramas such as The World of the Married and Nevertheless. 

Speaking to regional media in a virtual press conference on Oct 5, So-hee shared that she trained at an action school for three months prior to the shoot, gaining 10kg of muscles in the process.

Describing the challenge of playing her character, she said: "[Ji-woo's] desperation and determination was something I could really feel off the pages of the script. [Portraying the character] involved the use of the physical body through the action sequences. That was a new challenge for me."

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