'He mistook me for a character I played': Actor Jason Wong opens up about attack by drug abuser that left him with over 100 stitches

'He mistook me for a character I played': Actor Jason Wong opens up about attack by drug abuser that left him with over 100 stitches
Jason Wong opened up on Weibo after his assailant was sentenced to prison.
PHOTO: Weibo/Jason Wong

Hong Kong actor Jason Wong was enjoying a meal at retired actor Frankie Ng's restaurant in Shenzhen when he suffered an unprovoked attack last August.

He sustained injuries to his face, left wrist and waist and had to receive over 100 stitches to his face and hand. He also visited a psychologist after the attack as was unable to sleep — recounting the incident every time he closed his eyes — and too afraid to look at himself in the mirror.

On Wednesday (April 26), the 44-year-old shared on Weibo that his assailant has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for "intentional homicide".

He added that the court discovered the man had a history of taking methamphetamine for more than 10 years and also abused cough syrup, following which he had visual and auditory hallucinations, and experienced delusions.

"He also watched the movie Chasing the Dragon which I was in, and mistook me for the character I played, Comic, whom he thought was his uncle," he continued.

"The assailant thought I meant his family harm, developed a deep resentment against me that lacked basis in reality, and developed a motive for revenge."

Despite the harrowing ordeal, Jason wrote that he had no ill will towards his assailant, whom he didn't know personally.

"I believe that the attack was an innocent disaster, and it was my 'extreme misfortune' that I was seriously injured in the attack," he wrote.

However, he wants to remind his fellow showbiz friends that, due to their image as public figures, they may become the targets of unprovoked attacks by "people with mental differences".


"Therefore, friends must be careful and vigilant when entering and leaving public places," he added.

Earlier reports state that actor Louis Koo, whom Jason is often called a lookalike of, sent the latter HK$50,000 (S$8,500) to help cover his medical expenses, and Jason thanked the 52-year-old and others who had helped him during his recovery in his Weibo post.

"At present, I have recovered from most of my injuries, and I will continue to work hard to receive treatment in order to fully recover," Jason concluded.

In a recent Weibo video, Jason can be practising boxing moves without any visible facial scars.

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