How thrifty is Wang Leehom? Just take a look at his holey socks

How thrifty is Wang Leehom? Just take a look at his holey socks

He may be decked in dashing outfits on stage but Mandopop singer Wang Leehom might just be sporting a pair of well-worn socks.

This was revealed by his good friend David Tao in a recent episode of the third season of Chinese talk show Roast.

He teased Wang for his thrifty lifestyle and said that one would find many pairs of holey socks in his wardrobe.

Although he tried to deny it, the 42-year-old was indeed wearing socks with worn-out heels when a fellow guest on the show took off one of his shoes on camera.

An embarrassed Wang then chucked his shoe at Tao in good humour.

Photo: YouTube screengrab/Tencent Video

When asked why he is so thrifty even though he's making a lot of money, he told Beijing News that he doesn't have much material needs and doesn't like waste.

Splurging on different outfits is something that Wang finds hard to accept.

"Why does a person need so many clothes? It's costly to wear one outfit for a press conference and another one for an awards show," he said. "It's best to borrow outfits and return them once we're done."

And he's in total agreement with Chow Yun Fat's frugal ways. Like the veteran actor, Wang prefers to use his earnings in other ways such as making music and doing charity.

Wang raked in a whopping US$26.5 million (S$36.5 million) and held the second spot for top-earning Taiwanese singers last year, reported Apple Daily.

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Photo: YouTube screengrab/Tencent Video

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