‘I couldn’t express how touched I felt’: Sora Ma holds intimate wedding in Penang

Sora Ma held her “dream wedding” in a glass rooftop venue at the Granite Luxury Hotel in George Town, Penang.
PHOTO: Instagram/Sora Ma

Dressed in a simple white pantsuit and veil, Singapore-based Malaysian actress Sora Ma recently held an intimate wedding dinner for her close friends and family members in Penang.

Sharing photos of the event on Instagram yesterday (Dec 11), the 38-year-old wrote: “This is a wedding for my loved ones, filled with my sincerity and gratitude towards my family.”

She wrote that, in the beginning, she thought they would just be serving tea, taking family portraits, partying with friends and family and “completing the rituals,”  but she found herself “overwhelmed with emotions” and teared up while giving her thank-you toast.

“I couldn’t express how touched I felt,” she continued. “I want to tell those crying for me: Thank you for always loving me, accompanying me as I grew up and being present as I get married.”

She also thanked them and her husband, a Singaporean businessman eight years her senior, for giving her a “warm and romantic wedding” that felt like a family dinner.

This “dream wedding” for Sora took place in a glass rooftop venue at the Granite Luxury Hotel in George Town, Penang.

In an earlier Instagram post, Sora declared that she was “officially a missus in both countries”.

She wrote: “Going home to get married, getting married and going home.”

Sora and her husband got married October last year in a simple yet heartfelt ceremony in Singapore, with the bride dressed in shorts and sneakers. She noted at the time that they had to forgo a lot of the traditional rituals for her husband’s Teochew family due to restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, she wrote: “I never thought that getting married would be such a warm and happy occasion. I thought I would be so busy that I wouldn't be able to feel the emotions. Even though the wedding had to be simplified due to the pandemic, I felt the truest emotions.”

Sora held a wedding dinner in Singapore back in July, with celebrity friends including Chen Xiuhuan, Chen Tianwen, Wang Yuqing, Hong Huifang and Zheng Geping in attendance.

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