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'I want to be free': Ya Hui announces departure from Mediacorp

'I want to be free': Ya Hui announces departure from Mediacorp
Ya Hui has announced her departure from Mediacorp.
PHOTO: Instagram/Ya Hui

Sometimes taking a step away is necessary to see the bigger picture, and Ya Hui has taken that all-important move.

In an Instagram post today (Feb 21), the actress, who made her debut in Star Search, announced her departure from Mediacorp after 15 years.

"Honestly, stepping out of my comfort zone is not an easy decision to come to," the 35-year-old admitted. "There are many things to consider. But as Eleanor Roosevelt said, 'Do one thing that scares you everyday'.

"So with a heart full of excitement and nervousness, it's time to step out to explore new possibilities to grow and challenge myself."

In her post, she also looked back at her past as a "girl chasing her childhood dream to where she is today".

Describing the path she's taken, Ya Hui said: "It wasn't a smooth-sailing journey but definitely an incredible one. Every role that I've played has enriched my personal life in more ways that I can imagine."

And although she's leaving Mediacorp, that doesn't mean she's intent on stopping her work as an actress.

"This passion has never once faded, and I want to continue working on my craft, hoping each and everyone of you can connect with the characters that I'll be portraying," she said, addressing her fans.


Ya Hui also added: "What lies ahead shall be a new adventure and I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey of self-exploration."

She also expressed her gratitude towards her agency, fans and sponsors. 

Speaking to 8World, Ya Hui explained that this wasn't a decision made on a whim.


"Along this path that I've stumbled on many times before, I've had my doubts about how suitable I am for this line of work — but my passion for acting has allowed me to persevere.

"Perhaps it was because of Covid-19 and my experience climbing a mountain that made me start to think that if I didn't step out, I wouldn't be able to see the metaphorical scenery atop the mountain, so I want to see the world while I'm still young."

As for what she has planned for the future, she's still unsure, she revealed to 8World.

Ya Hui mused: "Maybe I'll start writing scripts, making short films, being a director or even taking up different courses… I've not really planned it yet, but I'm not ruling out anything.

"Besides, this is all for me to improve myself and see what other interests I have aside from acting. People ought to be philomaths who live and learn even when they're old, and shouldn't stay stagnant in one place."

'I want to be free'

This opportunity away from Mediacorp will help her experience things in life that she hasn't yet comprehended, she said.


"There are still many things in life that I don't understand, so I want to take this opportunity to experience leading a different life… if [I get married or have children], I'll be sure to tell you," Ya Hui told 8World.

But a different life doesn't necessarily mean living abroad — she denied notions that she would be heading overseas to live, and instead clarified that the freedom she wants lies in freedom in her schedule and the right to choose when she wants to act in the future.

Ya Hui also explained that she doesn't intend to join another talent agency or production company just yet.

"I haven't thought about that for the time being, I want to be free. Like a kite with its string cut, where I go is still unknown — but I hope there will continue to be wind blowing beneath me and not too many obstacles obstructing my flight."

And we might be seeing Ya Hui back on screen quite soon, as she also revealed that the filming for a new drama will start soon and she's busy reading the script and giving depth to her character.

Ya Hui was one of the runners-up at Star Search 2007, where she won the Miss Telegenic title. One of the roles she's best known for is as Hong Jinzhi in the long-running Mediacorp drama 118.

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