'Jackson Wang should be on this list': Glenn Yong voted 62nd most handsome in the world, ahead of Kai, Bam Bam, Wang Yibo

'Jackson Wang should be on this list': Glenn Yong voted 62nd most handsome in the world, ahead of Kai, Bam Bam, Wang Yibo
PHOTO: Instagram/Glenn Yong

Four billion men in the world and it seems only a fraction can hold a candle to Glenn Yong's stunningly good looks.

That is according to TC Candler, which published a list of the top 100 most handsome faces in the world yesterday (Dec 28) with Glenn, 26, taking 62nd place.

Highest-tier patrons of TC Candler's Patreon account cast their votes, which are later collated to create the finalised list of the top 100 most handsome or beautiful people in the world.

Speaking to AsiaOne, the local actor – who's also the head of marketing at media publishing company Confirm Good – said of his achievement: "It's quite crazy to even be on the list itself – out of 320,000 celebrities – let alone being ahead of these amazing artistes.

"I feel super honoured and happy that a Singaporean is finally part of this list. It's a Singapore pride thing – finally we are represented on the global stage."

Glenn hasn't just clinched a spot on the list, he's also beat out many other familiar and handsome faces.

On the list of names after the 62nd position, many popular stars across the globe can be seen.

This includes Exo's Kai (97th), Got7's Bam Bam (68th) and actor Wang Yibo (84th), all of whom have large online followings that span the globe.

He's also got international celebrities like Zac Efron (100th), Michael B Jordan (98th) and David Beckham (87th) beat.


But Glenn also feels that a recent pal of his is missing from the list.

"Personally I feel that Jackson Wang should be on this list. I was rather surprised when I didn't see his name," Glenn told AsiaOne.


When singer-entrepreneur Jackson, 28, was in Singapore for his Magic Man World Tour last week, he invited Glenn to his dressing room after his performance and shared a few words with the latter.

"He told me he's seen my stuff and he likes what I'm doing, so he wanted to meet to get to know each other and hang," Glenn recalled in an Instagram post.

Glenn added: "We ended up partying and dancing together at Marquee which was lit!"

And while Glenn may not be at the level of Chris Hemsworth (fourth), Stray Kids' Hyunjin (second) or Henry Cavill (first), he's still the first Singaporean to have made TC Candler's global list.

In 2019, local Mandopop singer JJ Lin was ranked 35th in TC Candler's most handsome in Asia, while actor Lawrence Wong came in at 91st.

As for TC Candler's list of most beautiful faces this year, some highlights include Jasmine Tookes (first), Momoland's Nancy (second), Blackpink's Lisa (third), After School's Nana (ninth), Gal Gadot (12th), Lupita Nyong'o (58th) and Emma Watson (65th).


Although no Singaporean woman has been on the list just yet, it's worth mentioning that China-based local actress Eleanor Lee, Quan Yi Fong's daughter, was nominated in 2020, although she didn't make it through in the final list.

Speaking about his plans for 2023 and beyond, Glenn added: "I want to break out of Singapore and into the regional and global market in 2023 as an artiste and showcase more of my music."

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