Jayley Woo finds new love, announces she's 6 months pregnant

Jayley Woo finds new love, announces she's 6 months pregnant
PHOTO: Instagram/Jayley Woo

"Jayley Woo, are you worthy of happiness? Do you have the right to love or be loved?"

That was how the local actress prefaced her somewhat pensive Instagram post, uploaded earlier this evening (Oct 23), with her doubts before announcing some big news: she's found happiness again with a new love and a baby on the way.

Accompanying her post are a short video clip showing the shadows of two persons riding a motorcycle while a woman giggles, as well as photos of a man sliding a ring on a woman's finger and of an ultrasound scan.

The 30-year-old continued in her post: "I'm not sure if it's because Capricorn females are a little pessimistic. When something good happens to me, these thoughts repeatedly float to my mind… What I know is, I've been trying very, very, very hard to continue living."

In January 2019, Jayley revealed she and local actor Aloysious Pang had been dating. They had planned to keep their relationship a secret until marriage but his death in a military accident brought their romance to light.

In her post today, she thanked her current partner, calling him Mr Chen, for giving her a reason and the courage to continue living.


"Though I'm not someone who gives up easily, I once felt very pessimistic. Thank you for not being bothered by my flaws and my past and for not leaving my side during the times I disliked myself. Meeting you was my fortune," Jayley wrote.


She then wished the mystery man a happy birthday and promises to be "a good daughter, sister, friend, actress, and of course now, a good wife and mother".

"Life is very short, I hope everyone will treasure the people around them. Happiness can be very simple. Right now, I'm very happy. I hope all of us will be so."

Jayley's older twin sister Hayley was one of the first to give her blessings in the comments section: "I will forever wish you happiness because you are worth it. Whatever happens, your big sister will always be by your side."

When contacted by Lianhe Zaobao, Jayley revealed she's six months pregnant and expecting a girl, and her husband-to-be works behind the scenes in showbiz. They met through mutual friends and dated for around a year. 

The couple intend to register their marriage in December this year and hold their wedding in 2023. 

Jayley said to the Chinese daily: "He liked me first and I gradually developed feelings for him. He likes how brave I am. He gave the matter some thought before deciding to confess his feelings for me. He had been single for a few years and wanted to settle down."

She added she likes him for his maturity and responsibility to his family. 

On her pregnancy, Jayley also said: "My baby is very obedient and absolutely didn't give me any morning sickness. I never threw up once."

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