Jeanette Aw 'safe' in Beijing, says friends sent over masks and hand sanitisers

PHOTO: Instagram/jeanetteaw

[UPDATE, Feb 5, 10.45am]:

Jeanette Aw has returned safely to Singapore, she said in her Instagram post yesterday (Feb 4). In her Instagram Story, the actress also addressed the repeated queries she's gotten about her health and reassured her followers that she is "not unwell".

She also said to "stop asking if I have seen the doctor" or "if I need to be quarantined", and revealed that she will take a 14-day Leave of Absence (LOA) to "be responsible to myself and others".

She wrote: "I know of some who immediately go about their daily life without LOA too. So please don't worry, I am not unwell."

If there is still doubt, perhaps Jeanette's healthy appetite for pineapple tarts will be enough to dispel it.

PHOTO: Screengrab from Instagram/jeanetteaw

Things aren't looking good in China as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has gone beyond 17,000; but local actress Jeanette Aw took some time to let her followers know that she's safe in Beijing.

The 40-year-old has been there for filming since last month and even caught up with former Mediacorp artiste Zhang Zhen Xuan before the outbreak.

In light of the spread and the increasing concern, the actress took to Instagram to assure her fans that she is fine and has taken "every possible precaution".

Recently, filming on her drama was put on hold because of the coronavirus outbreak, and in response to Lianhe Zaobao's queries, Jeanette reiterated that she was safe. She told the Chinese daily: "It's a critical period now and everyone is uniting to fight the virus. I'm currently safe here, please don't worry."

She also revealed that the local news in Beijing has been urging everyone to keep their safety in mind and to wear masks, wash their hands, and stay home.

One thing that helped, though, was that her friends and fans sent over care packages comprising masks, anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitisers. Jeanette said: "There's a severe shortage of supplies here. I've received a lot of concern and supplies from friends and fans all over and it has made this year's winter much 'warmer'."


Meanwhile, another celebrity who was stuck in China has finally made her way home.

Local actress Joanne Peh went on Instagram yesterday (Feb 2) to share the news that she was flying back to Singapore. She previously revealed on Jan 28 that she had to stay in Guangzhou to settle some "personal matters" with her kids.

She told AsiaOne last week that things were so dire to the point where they were not able to get surgical masks until a fan in Shanghai shipped some to her. Unfortunately, kid-sized ones weren't available so she had to stitch up the adult masks to fit her children.

Joanne also said her family will be complying with the two-week monitoring period when they return to Singapore. Her work commitments, which include training and preparation for her new role and meetings for upcoming projects, have been postponed as well.

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