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K-drama's loud comic 'auntie' Hwang Bo-ra marrying former K-pop singer

K-drama's loud comic 'auntie' Hwang Bo-ra marrying former K-pop singer
Hwang Bo-ra will tie the knot with Kim Young-hoon, the CEO of her agency, after dating for nearly a decade.
PHOTO: Instagram/Hwang Bo-ra

Although she first found fame in an instant cup noodle commercial, her marriage took quite some time to cook.

Hwang Bo-ra's agency Walk House Company announced today (July 6) that the 38-year-old actress will finally tie the knot with Kim Young-hoon, the agency's CEO, according to a Soompi report.

"Kim Young-hoon, the CEO of Walk House Company, and actress Hwang Bo-ra, who have been in a precious relationship for a long time, will be getting married in November," the statement read.

Bo-ra is a familiar face for fans of K-dramas and was last seen in Dali and Cocky Prince (2021) playing the secretary of the male lead Jin Moo-hak (Kim Min-jae). You might also remember her in Zombie Detective (2020), where she plays the female lead's loud sister who has a penchant for bright red lipstick.

Young-hoon and Bo-ra have been in a relationship since they met in a church in 2013 and made their relationship public in July 2014.

Bo-ra's 42-year-old beau isn't just her agency's CEO. In 1997, Young-hoon, whose stage name is Cha Hyun-woo, was also a singer in the South Korean K-pop duo Yes Brown and acted in a few movies and dramas.


He is also the son of actor Kim Young-gun, as well as the brother of actor Ha Jung-woo.

Addressing her fans on Instagram, Bo-ra said of her engagement: "This November, I am going to marry my partner whom I've been with for a long time. Because many people gave us their blessings, we were able to stay together with firmer hearts.

"I want to thank everyone who has looked at us in a good light. We'll live happily together." 


The wedding will take place privately with family members and close acquaintances, so details of the ceremony would not be provided, Walk House Company added, imploring fans to send blessings and congratulations to the happy couple.

Their relationship hasn't always been smooth sailing.

In an interview on tvN's Life Bar in August 2018, Bo-ra explained that she fought with Young-hoon daily.

"It ends up like that because he's always worrying or tries to stop me from doing something," Bo-ra said.

But the fact that their relationship has gone on this far is a testament to the strength of their bonds.

Bo-ra said: "I got hurt while surfing when I was a beginner. My boyfriend was also bruised and bleeding but he worried about me. At that moment, I felt that he really loves me even with everything else on the line."

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