Keep guessing: Cecilia Cheung's baby daddy omitted from birth certificate

An alleged birth certificate of Cecilia Cheung's third son has surfaced.

So out comes the identity of the father?


In a document first obtained by Next Magazine Hong Kong, the section where a child's father is listed was mysteriously left empty.

The identity of who fathered the boy has been the subject of much speculation since the Hong Kong actress suddenly gave birth in November at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital.

Under the law, an empty box for either parent on the birth certificate indicates they are not married. Furthermore, this means the child has no legal ties with the father.

Following the birth, the talk of the town was that an unknown 65-year-old Singaporean tycoon is the father.

However, on Dec 18, Cecilia's company posted on Weibo that it is neither him nor Chinese entertainment magnate Sun Donghai.

Other men rumoured to be the dad include Taiwanese host He Meng-huai, mentor Stephen Chow, a triad member and even her ex-husband Nicholas Tse.

Another clue that the two-month-old's father would remain a secret is his name, Zhang Li Cheng Marcus, which was revealed for the first time in the photo obtained by Next.

Photo: Weibo/Cecilia Cheung

He has apparently taken the surname of Cecilia - Zhang and Cheung are different romanisations of the same word.

And although the name Marcus seems to follow the style of her two sons with Tse - Lucas and Quintus - their Chinese names do not match up. Lucas and Quintus are Zhen Xuan and Zhen Nan respectively.

For the first time, the birth certificate also revealed the delivery date to be on Nov 18. It was previously reported as Nov 25.

Cecilia, 38, is currently working on the Chinese New Year movie New King of Comedy with Chow.

Reports say Marcus has been flown to Vancouver to be under the care of her half-sister, Dai Pek-Chi.

Cecilia lived in Canada for a while after splitting from Tse in 2011.