Kuala Lumpur fans travel 4 hours to Singapore for day trip to catch Kim Go-eun

Kuala Lumpur fans travel 4 hours to Singapore for day trip to catch Kim Go-eun
Hasilah (left) and Sharizan posing at McCallum Street where the truck was parked for a scene for Little Women.
PHOTO: AsiaOne/Syarifah Nadhirah

Would you take a four-hour bus ride to another country in hopes of seeing your favourite actress?

Two Malaysian fans did just that, arriving in Singapore from Kuala Lumpur around 4am today (July 3) just to try to catch a glimpse of Korean actress Kim Go-eun.

Sharizan, 42, and Hasilah, 37, have been fans of Go-eun for around six years since her film Coin Locker Girl and drama Goblin.

When they found out recently that the 31-year-old star is in Singapore to film the upcoming K-drama Little Women, the two friends took the ride down to Singapore.

Speaking to AsiaOne, Sharizan shared that she had seen Go-eun near Robinson Road at around 7.45am today, which made the long day trip worth it to her.

"I managed to see her at a very close distance and I'm so excited about that. I've never seen her before. This is the best opportunity, to come here and see her personally face-to-face."

Added Hasilah: "I get to see her very close in real life. I don't know when I'll get the chance again. It's very worth it."

The duo will be returning to Kuala Lumpur tonight — in time for an office meeting tomorrow.

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Filming at Robinson Road

AsiaOne and around 50 fans were at Robinson Road today to observe the filming of one scene in Little Women.

The entire road and the surrounding side roads were closed, and traffic diverted from 7am to 4pm.

Cast members Wi Ha-jun and Uhm Ji-won are also here to film the same drama, which is based on the 1868 novel of the same name by Louisa May Alcott. Ha-jun plays Choi Do-il, an attractive, intelligent and sophisticated graduate of a prestigious university whose fate is intertwined with Oh In-ju, played by Go-eun.

The series revolves around In-ju and her two sisters In-kyung (Ji-hyun) and In-hye (Park Ji-hu), and it's expected to air in August this year on Netflix.

When we arrived around 8am, around 15 cars were spotted rehearsing, driving forward and reversing multiple times. One of the cars looked similar to the one Go-eun was spotted filming in yesterday.

There was also one car with a camera attached on a crane arm as well as a banged-up open-top container truck parked at McCallum Street. A drone was flown around the area.

AsiaOne overheard from a crew member onsite that the truck would crash into something in the scene.

The fans

Crew members and barricades did not stop eager fans from waiting around to see the cast members.

Singapore fans Seri, 38, and Lin, 48, had met Go-eun twice this past week — first at Changi Airport on June 29 and again last night at the lobby of the hotel Go-eun is staying in.

After hearing about the road closure along Robinson Road, they decided to come down since they didn't have to work.

Seri and Lin also helped fans from Indonesia and Malaysia who couldn't be here to order cakes and snacks and write cards to pass to Go-eun, who celebrated her birthday on July 2.


"They [fans overseas] probably gathered some funds on their own and then they transferred the amount to us.

"I agreed to help a group of Indonesian fans to purchase some snacks for Go-eun so we went all the way to Lucky Plaza because there're some shops selling Indonesian products there," Seri shared with AsiaOne.

Seri and Lin, initially fans of Lee Min-ho, became her fans as well after she starred alongside Min-ho in The King: Eternal Monarch.

"We love her so much in the show. After that, we found out more about her and watched Goblin, Cheese in the Trap and her previous dramas.

"She's a very nice person. We love her so much. You can tell her that, you can tell the world that," said Seri with a laugh.

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