‘Maybe we can’t even be old friends anymore’: Jacky Wu hits back at Mickey Huang’s allegations on womanising and financial problems

‘Maybe we can’t even be old friends anymore’: Jacky Wu hits back at Mickey Huang’s allegations on womanising and financial problems
Taiwanese host Jacky Wu said that Mickey Huang’s allegations are untrue after the latter claimed that Jacky was involved with multiple women and had difficulties paying loans.
PHOTO: Instagram/Jacky Wu, Weibo

Mickey Huang's revelations yesterday (June 19) about the alleged wrongdoings of multiple big names in the Taiwan entertainment industry seem to have left more repercussions on him instead.

Besides souring friendships, he might also be involved in some legal issues.

In three shocking tell-all videos that Mickey posted on his Facebook page, he exposed 18 celebrities in the Taiwanese entertainment industry, including popular television host Jacky Wu.

The videos have since been deleted, but was reposted by Taiwanese media CTITV News on YouTube.

Mickey, 51, said: "About Jacky, whom I have worked with frequently in the past, I was confused when we worked together. He had a woman named Angela by his side. Later, he had (actress) Vicky Chen and (his wife) Chang Wei-Wei."

"I don't know what his view is regarding romantic relationships anymore," said Mickey, adding that Jacky's behaviour led to a lot of negativity in him.

Besides claiming that Jacky is daring with his words so that he can always have the first say and "win" the conversation, Mickey also alleged that Jacky has money issues.

He said: "From what I understand, he is someone who owes money to others and doesn't pay".

'It's not something that I can do'

In response to the allegations, Jacky held a press conference yesterday.

The 60-year-old said that part of his management company's standard operating procedure is to take legal action against those who spread untrue rumours about him, as such legal action against Mickey will follow.

When a reporter confirmed that he has decided to sue Mickey, Jacky said: "That's the company's problem and has nothing to do with me. I am just a 'product'".

On Mickey's allegations about other celebrities, such as Barbie and Dee Hsu taking drugs, Jacky expressed: "You are forcing people to sue you. If you are Dee Hsu, would you sue him? Otherwise, you would have agreed that you took drugs."

Dispelling Mickey's allegations on unpaid loans, Jacky said: "My financial situation is healthy."

He expressed his surprise towards Mickey's claims about him, saying that it is "strange" for the former to be saying such things.

"We are all trying our best to be the best versions of ourselves," said Jacky.

Jacky also shared that he would not be able to touch a woman inappropriately.

"I can't be letting my children down. If I saw a beautiful female reporter, I wouldn't want to touch her, it's not something that I can do," he expressed.

Trying to diffuse the tense situation, he added: "Actually, I am the one who was harassed more often."

Jacky said that his children are supportive of him despite the claims.

He shared: "My children felt that they have the best dad. I can only try my best. I have to be accountable to my own parents.… That's why I am so angry. We are not people who think that we are morally superior to others.

"My words may be offensive, but my actions are otherwise. I am a homebody and would never do something that can never see the light of day."

'There is a limit to what you should say'

He also responded to Mickey's claims about the women that he had dated in the past: "Love is love, once a relationship ends, it's all in the past. In this life, we shouldn't be looking at the past and saying things such as who my girlfriend was and how she was this and that.

"Don't do this, don't say things like that. These women still have to get married."


He added: "There is a limit to what you should say. Speaking about who you have dated and what you have done in the past, is there a need for that? You said you wished that we would all die. I didn't even do anything."

It is believed that Jacky was responding to a part in Mickey's revelation yesterday where he said: "I don't care, I am just going to reveal everything. I don't care if you die, because nobody cares if I die in the first place."

Throughout the press conference, Jacky also expressed multiple times that he was concerned for Mickey's well-being.

He said: "I am quite worried about him. I heard that he was admitted to the hospital. I hope that he is safe and sound."

'Men can be promiscuous, but not vulgar'

Jacky's tone about Mickey changed today in his posts on his Instagram, Facebook and Weibo pages. While he appeared concerned in the press conference, he was snide on social media.

He wrote in his post, addressing Mickey by his nickname: "Jiao Jiao, I only realised now that you are so envious of me, sorry that I am always ahead of you!

"You can't win me in the past, and now you have lost it all. In the future when I decide to leave showbiz, if there is such a day, you would lose even more to me!

"After hearing your 'love confession', I suddenly realised, during those times when I thought that you were busy, what were you actually doing in showbiz?"

Accompanying the posts are video clips and Jacky said in the first video: "I just want to say that men can be promiscuous, but not vulgar."

He added in his second video: "If you can't speak appropriately, then you will have to speak in court. All the best to you, all of us are worried about you. Don't try to commit suicide again, committing suicide is the most irresponsible thing to do.

"Be a man! You still have your wife and child, who is so young. You must really take care of yourself, okay?

"Please take my advice as an old friend, or maybe we can't even be old friends anymore because I will see you in court."

In his final video, Jacky said: "Before you are 30 years old, you live for yourself. After you are 30, you live for those you love and those who love you, okay? Mr Mickey Huang, all the best! Stop thinking too much, stop being suicidal! Think with a clear mind, stop talking about others, there is no purpose to that. All the best to you!"

Yesterday, internet celebrity Zofia made a Facebook post hinting that Mickey sexually assaulted her when she was 17 years old. She later clarified through her manager that Mickey kissed her forcefully when she was 17 and took nude photos of her when she was 20. 

Mickey seemingly admitted to the allegations yesterday and apologised for his actions, claiming that his parents' behaviours and his circle of friends had encouraged his sexual "perversion" when he was younger.

He was reportedly uncontactable for a period of time and was later found with self-inflicted knife injuries on his left arm and chest and was sent to the hospital.

Mickey was discharged this afternoon, based on a report.

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