Mickey Huang sent to hospital with self-inflicted injuries after seemingly admitting to sexual assault allegations

Mickey Huang sent to hospital with self-inflicted injuries after seemingly admitting to sexual assault allegations
Mickey Huang seemingly admits to sexual assault allegations after an internet celebrity said he forced a kiss on her when she was 17 and also took nude photos of her.
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Popular Taiwanese host Mickey Huang has seemingly admitted to sexual assault allegations made by internet celebrity Zofia.

In a Facebook post this morning (June 19), she claimed that a well-liked veteran with a wholesome public image forced a kiss on her more than 10 years ago when she was 17 years old and also took nude photos of her.

She wrote: "He said that he wanted to hold an art exhibition. He told me to take off my blouse and let him take photos, emphasising that it was art and not nudity and not pornography. I was still young then and he had a positive media image, so I agreed to it.

"He took out a small green figurine that looked like a little plastic soldier toy and just took photos like I was a landscape, making me believe that it is all for art.

"At that moment, I regretted it, I was afraid and was emotionally distressed and tears fell uncontrollably down my face. I can still remember while I was crying, he continued to take the photos and said: 'You look so beautiful even when you cry'.

"Now, whenever this phrase crossed my mind, I feel nauseous."

While she did not name the person, comments by some netizens hinted that it was Mickey.


Mickey admitted implicitly to the accusations and apologised for his actions in three separate videos posted on his Facebook account this afternoon.

He also apologised to his wife, actress Summer Meng, 31, and their daughter, nicknamed Little Corn, who is a year old.

"I want to tell Summer that there is not a day past that I do not love you. I want to tell our daughter that I am sorry. You are still young, if you don't remember me as your father, that is good too," he said.

In addition, the 51-year-old also exposed around 18 other celebrities and hosts for their ill-doings, including Mickey's ex-girlfriend Dee Hsu and her sister Barbie, Jacky Wu, Sam Tseng, Vicky Chen, Shotgun Tuo, Lawrence Chou and Ariel Sha.

He reportedly said in one of his videos: "I am just going to confess everything, I don't care what happens to you because nobody cares what happens to me in the first place."

The posts were later taken down and he was reportedly uncontactable after that.

In a report by Taiwanese media, Mickey was found at around 1pm today with self-inflicted knife injuries and was sent to the hospital.

Veteran television host Chang Hsiao Yen, 74, who is a close friend of Mickey, revealed that Summer was the one who found him.

Taiwan authorities said Mickey was rushed to the hospital for treatment after he was found unconscious with multiple cuts on his body. His condition is stable currently.

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When interviewed by the Taiwanese media about Mickey's condition, Hsiao Yen said: "My heart is in pain now."

In an interview with the media, Summer said that she is still trying to process everything that has happened.

She said: "The Mickey I know has been trying his best to change and bring out a positive side of himself. As for what happened in the past, we will need more time and space. Thank you everyone for your concern."

Holding back tears, she added: "We are family, no matter what happens, we will face it together and mend the wrongs that were done in the past."

When a reporter asked about Mickey's current condition, Summer said that she is unable to comment further.


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