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'My happiness was at steak': Annette Lee's VTL skit draws chuckles from Singaporeans

'My happiness was at steak': Annette Lee's VTL skit draws chuckles from Singaporeans
PHOTO: TikTok/annetteandafish

Before Singaporeans swarmed (and overwhelmed) Singapore Airlines' website to book tickets last Saturday, a young woman was already jetting off to Germany.

In a vlog-style video on Oct 8, Chantelle (a character played by actress-singer Annette Lee), low-key flexed her trip to Germany. Flying on business class, no less.

"I'm just very happy we can finally travel after so long", she said as she played with her hair, leaning towards the table to show off the meal laid out before her.

"Oops, sorry, I almost spilled my chem-parg-nee (champagne)."


Chantelle shared that she went on the trip because her "happiness was really at steak (stake)" and she needed to "give herself some space" as she leaned back in her spacious seat on the plane.

When a man told her that she was occupying his seat, Chantelle sheepishly took out her boarding pass to check and stuttered as she answered his questions.

She had an economy class ticket, but it's premium economy, mind you.

The skit made many Singaporeans chuckle, including funny (wo)man Michelle Chong who commended Annette's effort to bring her character to life.

Jokes aside, Annette really did travel to Germany under the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) that kicked in last month.

The 29-year-old shared snapshots of her trip to the picturesque Bavarian Alps, making many people still stuck in Singapore envious of her journey into the great outdoors.


Of course, Benjamin Kheng had the most important question for her:

Now that Singapore has announced the addition of nine more countries to the VTL scheme, are you planning for your next getaway?

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