Rebecca Lim hasn't seen rumoured beau Ian Fang in a while

Silence is golden and local actress Rebecca Lim seems to know this.

She laid low and kept herself out of the public eye throughout the Ian Fang-Carrie Wong scandal by keeping mum.

As she is rumoured to be romantically involved with Ian though, it meant that her name popped up in media reports on the affair.

However, earlier today (July 9), Rebecca finally broke her silence.

When interviewed by local media, she quipped: "I'm thankful that reporters have mentioned my name and remember me during this saga."

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In response to a query on whether the incident has affected her, Rebecca replied that she has been too focused on filming.

In fact, she has been filming for 21 days consecutively for the upcoming local drama C.L.I.F. 5, and it has left her too exhausted to think about anything else.


Rebecca said: "Of course I hope my good friend Ian is okay. I also look forward to seeing a better him."

She also revealed that she has not seen Ian in a while and he has not looked for her as well.

When asked she has forgiven him, Rebecca replied: "There's nothing to forgive. We have not had a proper word with each other since the incident occured.

"This is his personal affair, after all. I just hope to see a better him after he weathers the storm."

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She added that while they're good friends, they don't discuss their relationships in private.

As for Carrie, Rebecca admitted that she hasn't seen her in a while as well and the former did not look for her to discuss the matter.

She shared that while the two will occasionally bump into each other on the Mediacorp campus, they hardly interact.