Sons ill from unknown virus before Star Awards, Zoe Tay barely got any sleep

Sons ill from unknown virus before Star Awards, Zoe Tay barely got any sleep
Zoe Tay with her three sons Brayden, Ashton and Nathan.
PHOTO: Instagram/Zoe Tay

No one does it like Zoe Tay, truly. 

She looked like a million bucks at Star Awards last Sunday (April 24), despite barely getting any sleep that week. 

The reason? Her eldest and youngest sons, Brayden, 17, and Nathan, 11, had fallen ill, she told 8days in an interview. 

"There's some sort of virus going about too, I don't know if it's dengue or whatever," said the 54-year old. She shared that both boys had developed "little rashes" on their faces and arms. 

Zoe has another son Ashton, who is 14 this year. Unfortunately, her husband Philip Chionh was overseas, leaving her with less hands to help out at home. 

"I'm not sure what happened, but we took them to do a blood test because they had a fever, vomiting, nosebleeds and a sore throat. I thought it was dengue fever at first, but it wasn't," she explained. 

As doctors were unable to pinpoint what caused the boys to be ill, Brandon and Nathan were eventually sent home with antibiotics and painkillers. 

Fulfilling her parental duties aside, Zoe is also busy filming her new Chinese drama, Dark Angels.

Now that the Star Awards are out of the way, hopefully Ah Jie can finally catch up on some beauty sleep. 

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