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TVB actor Benz Hui finds home in Yishun: 'I don't want to leave'

TVB actor Benz Hui finds home in Yishun: 'I don't want to leave'
PHOTO: Screengrab/meWatch

Donnie Yen may find the houses in Singapore "not cheap", but the property prices here have not deterred Benz Hui. The Hong Kong TVB veteran actor has settled down in what locals call the craziest neck of the woods — Yishun.

"I've been a (Singapore) permanent resident for really long," he said, full of smiles. "When I have time, I'll immediately apply [for citizenship], I hope they give it to me."

Now that he's thinking about his next phase of life, what does he plan to do after getting his citizenship?

"I want to start a small business," the actor shared before laughing. "Something to do with milk tea maybe."

The 71-year-old recently appeared in the second season of meWatch's Be My Guest on Feb 16, where viewers were treated to a tour of the actor's 4,000 sq ft bungalow, which cost $4 million including renovations. Not only does it span three and a half storeys, it also includes a family room and a swimming pool. 


The grand abode isn't lacking in personal touches, too. Photos of his family, as well as his daughter's baby footprint and her many accolades are peppered throughout the house.

Though his work is based in Hong Kong and China, Benz still finds himself drawn to the sunny island, coming back whenever he doesn't have filming.

"Whenever I come back, I don't want to leave," he said about the house. "It's comfortable."

His daughter Charmaine Hui, echoed his sentiments.


Even while studying in Hong Kong, she'd return once a month with her mother. Now that she has graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, she plans on pursuing her Master's degree either in Singapore or the UK.

For Benz, settling down in Singapore seemed like the obvious thing to do. He met his wife Lung Yin-yi in Singapore, and their daughter was also born here. 

Lung said: "Once (Benz) has settled some of his work, we'll arrange to spend more time here."

"The main thing is that it's safe," Benz added.

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