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‘I wouldn’t have known about happiness without pain’: Joey Chua and Talu Wang unfollow each other, spark break-up rumours

‘I wouldn’t have known about happiness without pain’: Joey Chua and Talu Wang unfollow each other, spark break-up rumours
Malaysian singer-actress Joey Chua deleted all photos with Taiwanese actor Talu Wang on her Instagram.
PHOTO: Instagram/ Joey Chua, Instagram/ Talu Wang

Have Taiwanese actor Talu Wang (also known as Darren Wang) and Malaysian singer-actress Joey Chua broken up?

Last Saturday (June 24), sharp-eyed netizens realised that Joey and Talu have unfollowed each other on Instagram and Joey seemed to have deleted all photos taken with him.

On the other hand, Talu did not appear to have deleted his posts with Joey. The ones that he made with Joey last month and on Jan 22, 2021 are still available on his profile.

Both of them are still following each other on Weibo as of today.

Joey also made a cryptic post on June 24, which left netizens speculating that they have broken up.

Joey wrote: "Too many things have happened since the 20th of last month and I have experienced all of it. It is a special and incredible experience and the month felt so long. I am grateful to those that I have met and those around me who love me.

"I wouldn't have known about happiness without pain. Twenty-nine years old, a start of a new life! Brave Joey, not afraid of difficulties!"

Netizens sent their well-wishes to Joey in the comments section, wishing her well and hope that she finds a better person.

One wrote: "All the best, you will become better."

"You deserve better! If being together is fate, being apart is also fate. All the best to each of you," another netizen wrote.

The pair was still spotted by Taiwanese paparazzi going on dates last month. On May 9, Talu and Joey were seen holding hands at Taipei's Breeze Centre and Talu fed Joey when they were seen eating at a restaurant later.


In a report on May 10, the pair were seen again buying bubble tea in Taipei. While Joey was ordering, Talu was spotted leaning on a pillar outside the shop to wait for her. Talu also held her bag for her while she rummaged through it later.

They first met while filming the Chinese reality show A Journey for Love, which ran from January to April 2021.

In May that year, both of them were spotted kissing passionately and behaving intimately in public after having a few drinks in the park. They were seen sightseeing together in Beijing in July of the same year. Talu got Joey to sit on his lap while they hugged, kissed and chatted later in a garden.

Despite the public display of affection, they never acknowledged their relationship.

They subsequently joined another variety show Wow! Nice Figure (also known as Letting Love Stay Alive), which aired between December 2022 and March 2023.

While promoting the show in early December last year, Talu, 32, confirmed the dating rumours when he wrote in a Weibo post, tagging Joey: "Is there any sport my girlfriend can't do well in?"

In January this year, Joey, 29, also brought Talu to her family home in Johor Bahru to spend Lunar New Year after she had not been home for four years. Joey had a teary reunion with her parents and formally introduced Talu to them.

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