'You actually won in life': Netizens jealous of 2 fans who got to meet and pose with Wi Ha-jun

'You actually won in life': Netizens jealous of 2 fans who got to meet and pose with Wi Ha-jun
Two lucky girls managed to meet Squid Game actor Wi Ha-jun out and about in public and took pictures with him.
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Skcjxx

If these envious netizens were a shade of green, they would be greener than a Squid Game tracksuit.

TikTok user Skcjxx uploaded a clip last Saturday (July 9) which saw (presumably) her and her friend meeting South Korean actor Wi Ha-jun while they were working in Clarke Quay.

The 12-second clip of the duo taking pictures and posing with the South Korean actor has since garnered over 12,000 likes, 64,500 views and more than 200 comments.

@skcjxxx unbelievable.. almost fainted #wihajoon #sgtiktok ♬ original sound - frankiesaudios

The video first begins with the two girls sitting on a staircase while playing with filters on TikTok, before it cuts to them walking about.

"Us working on a Thursday night," a video caption read.

However, the video suddenly cuts to the inside of a shop and shows one of them taking pictures and posing with Ha-jun.

The TikTok post also read: "Unbelievable… almost fainted."

User Skcjxx's disbelief was also shared by many netizens who couldn't help but express their envy and jealousy.

One typed "I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I repeat!" while another insisted they were not jealous but it should have been them meeting Ha-jun instead.

One user also said: "You actually won in life!"

Many other users also said that Skcjxx and her friend were "living everyone's dream" by meeting Ha-jun.

However, Skcjxx hasn't been the only one to meet Ha-jun in Singapore.

For instance, user Miadinh94 managed to have her son take pictures with Ha-jun and stated in her post: "Finally my son can meet his idol."

@miadinh94 #wihajoon #squidgame finally my son can meet his idol🥹 #singapore ♬ Maybe it's too late - We Ha Jun

Ha-jun is in Singapore for the filming of a new K-drama, Little Women, alongside other notable South Korean actors and actresses, such as Kim Go-eun.

Ha-jun and Go-eun both arrived in Singapore on June 29 last month and it was reported that the Little Women crew would stay for two weeks. It is uncertain when the Korean stars would return to Korea.

But with Ha-jun's latest Instagram update showing him at Universal Studios Singapore, it's possible that others might have already met him without realising it.


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