10 back-to-office pieces from local fashion brands to add to your wardrobe

10 back-to-office pieces from local fashion brands to add to your wardrobe
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It was recently announced by the Singapore government that up to 75 per cent of staff can return to the workplace from this week onwards.

This means that it is time to bid farewell to snoozing just before your first morning meetings, squeezing in a nap during lunchtime or changing out of the comfy yet raggedy T-shirt you wear at home for a presentable top.

To help you make the transition out of your elastic shorts into workwear, keep scrolling for 10 shopping picks from Singaporean fashion labels to get you back in the office in style.

1. Two-way asymmetrical top in white, $69 from Klarra

We are huge proponents of making the most of every outfit in your wardrobe and this Klarra top does just that.

Behind its relaxed flare silhouette and lightweight material is a reversible design that has a round and V-neckline. French tuck it over a pair of sharp trousers and smart loafers.

Buy it here.

2. Textured resort dress, $59 from Soon Lee

For those who need more time to adjust to waking up earlier to make the morning commute to work, this Soon Lee dress is an all-in-one outfit that can get you out the door quickly.

Throw it on with a pair of simple earrings and pointed heels and head out the door.

The best part yet, you can repurpose this for weekends brunches too.

Buy it here.

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3. Everyday jumpsuit, $159 from The Form

Jumpsuits are another throw-on-and-go piece especially great for mornings where you have to wrestle to get the kids ready and in school.

This jumpsuit from The Form is available in dark navy and white and is built with pockets too. Finish with a pair of sneakers.

Buy it here.

4. Beige topstitched cropped blazer, $139 from Leora Studio

You would probably own multiple blazers in your wardrobe by now, so there really isn't a need for another one.

But for the few who likes to put extra attention to their dressing as part of their morning ritual, try this Leora Studio cropped blazer.

Pair it with matching bermudas or high-waisted trousers and strappy heels.

Buy it here.

5. Scales dress, $259 from Reckless Erica

A little black dress never fails but this Reckless Erica takes it a step further with its asymmetric hemline and the judicious use of contrasting panels of patterns.

The shift dress cutting also conceals any weight you might have gained since you last stepped into the office.

Buy it here.

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6. Crepe tailored pants, $89 from Our Second Nature

Going back to the office means we have to bid goodbye to days of just wearing a presentable top with pyjama shorts.

So take the opportunity to invest in a smart pair of trousers, such as these from Our Second Nature, that can you can rotate throughout the week.

White, light green and lavender are other colour options to pick from.

Buy it here.

7. Wakayama batik cardigan in sapphire vanda, $168 from Yeo Mama Batik

You might have forgotten this but the air-conditioned office can get really cold - like your heart after you break up with your ex.

But if you want to show off a lil personality and style than just a regular sweater, pick this colourful Yeo Mama Batik creation.

Make the cardigan the focal point of your outfit by wearing a white top and black bottoms underneath.

Buy it here.

8. Alexa pleat midi dress in lilac, $38.90 from All Would Envy

Choosing a pleated design easily adds a touch of flair and elegance to an occasionally formal and stiff-looking workwear wardrobe.

We love how feminine this lilac colour is without trying too hard but this All Would Envy dress is also available in fuchsia, forest green, black and burnt orange.

Finish with pearl earrings and stacked thin rings.

Buy it here.

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9. Utty oversize shirt, $159.90 from Sabrina Goh

Crisp white shirts should be another pillar in your wardrobe for their understated yet polished nature.

This roomy Sabrina Goh design made with 100 per cent ensures that you remain cool and breezy even as you make the lunchtime trek.

Also available in black.

Buy it here.

10. Daw skirt, $289 from Stolen

Made with lightweight crepe, Stolen elevates the workwear staple - the pencil skirt - with the use of tiered and layered panelling with a different coloured reversed box pleat underneath.

Go with a simple top to let the unique skirt shine and finish with a pair of pointed heels or flats.

Buy it here.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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