10 K-pop idol beauty looks inspired by Girls' Generation Taeyeon

PHOTO: Instagram/TaeYeon

Since debuting in 2007 as part of the hit South Korean girl group Girls' Generation, Taeyeon has become one of the biggest names of K-pop.

The main vocalist of the girl group has also thrived as a solo singer. Last month, she released her third studio album, INVU.

Beyond her stunning vocals, Taeyeon has also been celebrated for her unique style and beauty, often changing her looks and pulling them off seamlessly.

To celebrate her turning 33 on March 9, we take a look at some of the best K-pop idol beauty looks that Taeyeon has served.

Start with a matte, HD-friendly base

While Koreans love the dewy, glass skin effect, a radiant base doesn't capture on video.

Instead, opt for a matte base with high-definition (HD) base products that are made specifically for the camera.

They were made to create the illusion of flawless skin without issues of flashback.

Don't forget the dew

Off-screen, however, Taeyeon loves a glowy makeup look.

You can easily achieve glowy, illuminated skin with a few spritzes of dewy setting spray.

Blushin' beauty

Taeyeon rarely uses bronzer to add colour to her face.

Instead, she opts for blushers to play up her porcelain complexion and accentuate her cherubic cheeks.

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Long, flirty lashes

Start by curling your lashes to get the best lengthening and volumising effect from your mascara.

After applying several coats of mascara, use a clean spoolie to brush out any clumps.

You can also consider adding individual lashes to create a full, fluttery effect like Taeyeon.

Eye-opening contact lenses

Besides using makeup, Taeyeon also wears circle contact lenses to make her eyes appear larger.

She also experiments with various colours to change up her look, such as these grey contact lenses that complement her hair colour.

Play with glitter, stickers and rhinestones

Ever wondered how makeup artists stick on glitter, stickers, rhinestones and other types of three-dimensional embellishments? Eyelash glue.

Apply a small thin layer of glue on the skin at the desired location before gently pressing on your embellishment of choice with your fingertip.

Tinted lips

Start by applying a small amount of your desired lip colour in the middle of the lips before feathering it outwards towards the borders.

With a brush or beauty sponge, stipple a small amount of foundation around the lip borders to get that just-bitten, gradient effect. 

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Experiment with hair colours

Taeyeon changes her hair colour pretty often. Last year, she popularised the light salmon-orange hair colour.

The Weekend singer has also made waves with her signature blonde and silvery grey hair colour.

If you're going to change up your hair colour as often as Taeyeon, a deeply nourishing hair mask is something you should add to your beauty routine.

And switch up your hairstyles

From braids and curls to straight and wavy, being a K-pop idol like Taeyeon also means switching up your hairstyles constantly.

Styling tools are imperative, as is heat protectant spray and hair sprays.

Get nail extensions

To tie in with the fantastical theme of INVU, Taeyeon has incorporated nail extensions in her beauty look. Even without extensions, Taeyeon regularly gets her nails done. 

This article was first published in Her World Online.