10 pieces of space-friendly gym equipment to help you keep fit at home

10 pieces of space-friendly gym equipment to help you keep fit at home
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If there was one good thing to come out of last year’s circuit breaker, it’d been our collective introduction to at-home workouts. 

While there are plenty of gyms with affordable memberships in Singapore, chiselled abs and toned arms are within reach. You might not have space for a spin bike at home, but here are 10 space-friendly gym equipment you can store at home to facilitate your continued avoidance of social spaces.

1. Pull-up bar

Not only are pull-up bars are one of the most effective tools for building strength in the biceps, triceps and shoulders, they’re wallet-friendly and space-friendly.

Typically mounted on the walls of public gyms, portable versions can be mounted on door frames. Plus, they can be removed after use and stored away, taking up no more space than a broom would.

Purchase pull-up bars from Lazada ($32) or Amazon ($91.36)

2. Push-up stands

Push-up stands might not be the first thing you’ll imagine when talking about gym equipment when one is surrounded by treadmills and Olympic weights.

These versatile and understated apparatus aid in stability during push-ups while increasing the difficulty by elevating your body further from the ground, thus forcing a certain grip that would activate different muscle groups in your arms. A cheap way to elevate your workout.

Purchase push-up stands from Amazon ($14.99), Sports Hub Direct ($20) or Lazada ($33.94)

3. Resistance bands

Deceptively simple in their make, resistance bands come in various tensile strengths, and when used properly, can make your muscles burn like nothing else.

Useful for isolation reps that target one part of the body, these bands are easy to use and easier to store. Often coming in a collection of four or five different tensile levels, they can be stored away in a bag, or even rolled up inside your yoga mat.

Purchase a set of resistance bands from Shopee ($7.5), Amazon ($33.43), or My Protein ($39.99)

4. Ab wheel

If you’re looking to rock some six-pack abs, the ab wheel will quickly become your best friend. Incredibly useful for upper body and abdominal strengthening.

Just a wheel with two grip bars attached, this simple-looking hardware requires some pretty intense muscle control to use, and can be tucked away afterwards with little trouble.

Purchase an Ab wheel from Watsons ($7.75), Lazada ($22.15), or Amazon ($42.36)

5. Foldable treadmill

By far the most used equipment in the gym – unsurprising when one considers our blazing tropical sun – treadmills allow all to run in an air-conditioned environment.

Fortunately, with foldable treadmills now, there’s no need to resort to a mental game of Tetris in an attempt to fit an entire treadmill into your floor plan. They’re easy to move and can be folded up to make room once you’re done with it. What’s not to love?

Purchase a Foldable treadmill from Lazada ($399) or OSIM ($999)

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6. Mini elliptical

The elliptical is one of the most sought after machines at the gym. Not only is it easy to use, it has the benefits of a treadmill without the accompanying stress on your joints.

Ellipticals at the gyms usually feature handlebars to simultaneously train your upper body, but in the spirit of saving space, the Mini Elliptical has done away with them. Enabling you to keep moving whilst doing work at the table,  it’s perfect for those working from home.

Purchase a Mini elliptical from Ezbuy ($78.17), Lazada ($78.99), or Amazon ($344.45)

7. Mini exercise bike

In the world of cardiovascular fitness, biking is one of the best forms of full-body exercise, but typically requires a lot of space, time and dedication.

With a mini exercise bike, you can save on space whilst keeping fit. Depending on the model you go for, some can be small enough to fit under your table, or even folded up for safekeeping.

Purchase a mini exercise bike from Lazada ($55.6) or Amazon ($158.59)

8. Dumbbells

Dumbbells need no introduction since weight training is an extremely popular way to strengthen and bulk muscle. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of exercises, from the basic bicep curl to weighted squats. Even beginners will find it effortless to incorporate dumbbells into their workout routine.

Purchase dumbbells from Lazada ($43.65), Amazon ($49.85), or Home Gym JIT ($49).

9. Kettlebells

Kettlebells – weighted iron balls with a handle on top – is used primarily for weighted squats, lifting and ballistic exercises, which combine intensive cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

While not as versatile as dumbbells, the handle allowing for a better grip and manoeuvrability makes them better suited for certain exercises. On average, they are the size of a volleyball.

Purchase Kettlebells from Lazada ($20.83) or Amazon ($82)

10. Medicine balls

Depsite its name, medicine balls have very little to do with actual medication. Essentially a heavy basketball, medicine balls are used for weight training and rehabilitation.

Due to its circular shape, medicine balls differ from kettlebells and dumbbells in that they train grip strength alongside basic weight training, elevating the difficulty of certain exercises.

Purchase Medicine balls from Lazada ($29) or Sports Hub Direct ($34)

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