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14 bob hairstyles inspired by Korean celebs

14 bob hairstyles inspired by Korean celebs
PHOTO: Instagram/ gojoonhee

If you’ve had long locks for a while now and are looking to switch it up, how about taking the plunge and chopping it all off? These fan-favourite Korean celebrities went for the cut too and they’re rocking it in every way.

Not only does a short pixie cut bring out your facial features , but it also helps to frame your face to give you that fresh look. The best part? You’ll never have to go through the hassle of putting your long hair up in a bun again when the weather gets too hot to handle.

1. Blackpink's Lisa


Name another celebrity who could rock a better short bob like Lisa, we’ll wait.

And we’ll admit, you’d be hard-pressed on finding a hairstyle that Lisa can’t rock, but this particular short bob is one to remember. It frames her face well and brings attention to her face without being too distracting.

2. Lee Se-young


As part of her role in the MBC drama Kairos — a time-crossing fantasy thriller — Lee Se-young took a leap of faith and chopped her locks to play the role of Han Ae-ri in the drama. The bold move has also been said to be the first time Lee Se Young has ever been spotted in a short ‘do since her debut.

3. Song Hye-kyo

Afraid that blunt bob you want won’t be versatile? Why not complement it with bangs, like Song Hye-kyo did? You can even tie it in a half-ponytail like her, for days when you want to look a bit more casual.

While it’s important to have volume in the bangs, try not to go for full bangs, especially if you have thin (or thinning) hair.

4. Kim Nam-joo

Can a bob get any chicer than this style on Kim Nam-joo? We think not. She added soft waves for a touch of elegance, but just enough without going into party-ready territory.

We reckon this is a good hairstyle for a date or important event. To achieve this effect, wrap your hair loosely around the wand of a curling iron instead of crimping it between the clamps.

5. Soo-young


Want to add a bit of volume to your bob because of your fine/limp hair? Why not try loose waves like Soo-young did? This adds volume and texture to your tresses without taking too much length off.

Before you commit to a perm, use curling tongs to create a similar effect and decide if that’s something you want to live with in the next few months.

6. Yoon Bo-mi


Best known as the member of the K-pop girl group Apink, Yoon Bo-mi looks amazing with this sleek and straight bob that totally complements her diamond face shape.

It ends just at her nape, so if you’re looking to be a little more daring, get your hairstylist to cut it about 2 inches shorter to achieve a boyish charm.

And if you’ve got a high forehead like she does, consider getting some straight-cut bangs to frame your face and add some layers to your bangs so they look effortlessly natural.

7. Kim Hyo-yeon


You may know Kim Hyo-yeon (also known as DJ HYO) for her daring styles, like this short bob with dip-dyed and coloured ends. So if you’re looking to stand out and make a statement, a chic look like this would probably be your best bet.

And if you’re not ready to bleach your whole head like Hyo-yeon did, try asking your hairstylist to give you a balayage, which are coloured highlights that run throughout your hair.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a dip dye without bleach, which means the different shades may not be as prominent but at least your hair will be not be as damaged and dry.

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8. Bae Suzy

After starring in the recent crime-drama series Vagabond on Netflix, Bae Suzy has been in the public eye more than ever before. Here, she rocks a tapered short bob that’s easy to style and helps bring focus to her radiant smile and defined cheekbones.

9. Park Shin-hye


The Memories of the Alhambra actress is known for her long and luscious locks, so we were evidently taken aback when she decided to go for the snip.

But boy, did she make the right choice. Her hair now ends just at her nape, the perfect length if you’re gunning for some versatility: you can tie your hair up in a mini half-do or leave it as it is for a chic, effortless look.

10. IU (Lee Ji-eun)


This multi-talented singer-songwriter and actress is known for her many varied hairstyles. She’s gone for long Rapunzel-like locks, the classic medium-length cut and the short bob.

Here, she rocks a hairdo that’s tapered just above the neck and curled at the end for an elegant twist.

11. Pony (Park Hye-min)


Korean makeup guru Pony doesn’t just inspire her fans to be bold with their makeup choices; she also shows that adding a pop of colour to your hair can make you stand out in the best way possible.

Here, she went for an eye-catching faded pink that matches perfectly with her sweater to create a girly, chic ensemble.

12. Go Jun-hee


If you’re looking to put an edgy spin to your hairdo, this K-drama actress’s hairstyle may just be the pixie cut you need to emulate. 

Leave your hair tousled and unstyled for a boyish charm, or pop on a funky beret to make a statement in your outfit – although we’re pretty sure this haircut is already a statement in itself.

13. TWICE's Jeongyeon


What instantly drew us in to Jeongyeon’s haircut was definitely her wispy bangs. It frames her face perfectly, and it’s definitely a look to consider if you’ve got a high forehead.

14. Park Hye-rin


The singer from girl band EXID opted for a full-on sleek pixie cut, a look that’s definitely a favourite of ours. Not only does it give an illusion of a smaller face, but it nicely compliments her sharp jawline and high cheekbones.

Her fringe falls slightly below her brows, which gives off a chic, effortless vibe. What’s not to like?

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This article was first published in Her World Online.

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