9 great goodies to give out to children this Halloween

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Now that October is here, that means one thing: Halloween is right around the corner.

Halloween is easily a popular holiday among children because it is the one day they can refill their candy stash for free.

They dress up in their best costumes and knock on doors to try and charm parents to give them snacks and sweets.

So if you would like to known by the neighbourhood children as the best candy-giver around the block, then here are some goodies that will not fail you this spooky season.

Yupi Mini Burger Gummy Candy, $1.35

Yupi Gummy Candies - Burger | NTUC FairPrice

Yupi Gummy Burgers are by far one of the most loved gummy candies in Singapore.

Aside from the age-old debate about whether you should eat it whole or dissect it, it's the one candy that never disappoints.

Get them here.

Hi-Chew, $2.80

Ah, Hi-chew. The delectable chewy Japanese candy that no one will refuse if you offer it to them.

To be on the safe side, try opting for grape or strawberry flavours as they are the most popular among children and adults alike.

Get them here.

Lollipops, $3.50

CHUPA CHUPS in a metal bucket, 150 lollies - 1.8 kg pack
PHOTO: Caramellina

Lollipops are great candies because 1) they taste good and 2) they seemingly last forever. Chupa Chups are easily the most popular in Singapore, with their variety of flavours. Fan-favourites include Cola and Strawberry, so make sure to stock up on those.

But if you want to add some pizazz to your assortment of goodies, then swirl lollipops like this one from Candylicious is sure to make children excited.

Get them here.

M&M's Minis, $1.50

Yes, M&M's Minis. You might be wondering: Why the mini versions? Well, they come in a tube and are smaller than the normal M&M's.

There's a satisfaction that cannot be bought when you pour a big pile of the little chocolates into your hand and toss it into your mouth.

And, really, M&M's will never go wrong for children.

Get them here.

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Kinder Joy, $1.50

Kinder Joy Chocolates with Surprise Toy Inside (15 Count) : Amazon.sg
PHOTO: Amazon

The only thing better than getting goodies during Halloween is getting a toy with your goodies.

Kinder Joy not only tastes good with its mix of milky cream, cocoa cream, and two balls of wafer, but the self-built toy in each one will make any child excited to open it.

Get them here.

Haw Flakes, $1.00

PHOTO: Amazon

If there is any old-school sweet that Singaporeans adore, it's haw flakes. There's a joy in peeling each flake off the tower of flakes and savouring the sweet tangy flavour.

The best part is that you can choose to get the small versions or the big versions, whichever you desire!

Get them here.

Reese's Pumpkin Snack Size, $13.50

Four words: Chocolate and peanut butter. There's no way Reese's Pumpkin Snack Size could go wrong.

A bar of pumpkin-shaped chocolate with peanut butter in the middle, they are a star goody that has to be in any child's Halloween stash.

Get them here.

Fruit Plus, $1.60

Fruit Plus is a common candy you will find in a children's doctor's room, and for good reason.

They are colourful, they taste good, and you can be generous with them because there are just so many in one packet.

Favourites are grape and strawberry flavours, but mango is a close third.

Get them here.

Oreo, $2.25

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Oreos are a classic snack in Singapore. Choose between the regular design or the newer designs with "OMG" and "LOL" on the wafers.

You can get a mix and give them out to children so that they can anticipate what pattern they will get on their wafers.

Different and fun designs, but with the same familiar taste. A win-win in our books.

Get them here.

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This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.