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Adulting: Young woman receives lectures about driving from parents after getting her licence

Adulting: Young woman receives lectures about driving from parents after getting her licence
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Tifftoker

Making the transition into adulthood can mean taking a different seat in the family car.

Growing up, it's either the passenger seat or back seat, but once a child turns 18 and is eligible for a driver's licence, the family car's driver's seat is up for grabs.

TikTok user Tifftoker, or Tiffany, recently passed the test to obtain her driving licence and was keen on taking her parents out for a drive.

On Wednesday (Nov 22), she posted a TikTok video of her parents' candid but humorous reactions to her driving skills. 

It would seem that while she's officially allowed to drive on Singapore roads, it'll take some time to gain the full trust of her parents.

@tifftoker driving with parents and hearing multiple freakouts and lectures from them is a core experience #familytok #parentstok #drivingwithmyparents ♬ original sound - TIFF

Throughout the time she was behind the wheel, Tiffany's parents were quick to give her reminders and tips.

With everyone seated in the car, her dad began by reminding her of the procedures before driving off.

"Take off your handbrake, adjust your seats, your mirror and everything," he said.

His daughter responded to his stern instructions with a weary "yes" before rolling her eyes in annoyance (​​​hey, we've all been there).

Throughout the drive, her dad swooped in with questions, asking why she was driving "so far out" or the reasons behind switching to a different lane.

At one point during the drive, a popular Sam Smith tune came on the radio and just as Tiffany was about to start a karaoke session, her mum provided a suggestion.

"Don't act ah Tiffany, you better concentrate, I tell you," she said.

Tiffany's dad attempted to come up with an insightful piece of advice, saying that she should drive with "more style and confidence".

This brought out a laugh from his daughter, who seemed perplexed at what exactly that meant.

Netizens in the comments section related to Tiffany's sticky situation — getting lectured by one's parents is truly a universal experience.

One user related more to Tiffany's dad, mentioning how he is a father too and is "always scared" whenever his children would drive him around.

AsiaOne has reached out to Tifftoker.

Acing that driving test

Going through the rite of passage with your parents is an individual effort.

But for the actual driving test, there are multiple ways to improve your chances of acing it.

Practice makes perfect so keep at it, and don't be afraid to make mistakes during your practical lessons.

Take advantage of the fact that you have a driving instructor next to you and ask questions whenever you feel unsure of how to handle any given driving-related situation.

A good tip is to select a strategic time for the driving test. 

If possible, choose a time where there'll likely be fewer cars whizzing around. Emptier roads would most likely minimise your stress levels, and this can help you perform better on the day.

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