Bae doesn't like flowers? Get a corn bouquet or these other unconventional options for Valentine's Day 2021

PHOTO: Instagram/Petal Artistry, Instagram/Cotton Dreams

Don't let the boisterous Chinese New Year music on repeat in malls around Singapore distract you from another special occasion that's just around the corner — Valentine's Day.

While many of us have probably been caught up in our preparations for the Lunar New Year, it isn't too late to start planning for the romantic holiday. Besides having a fancy candlelit meal and exchanging gifts, another common gesture is to get flowers for your date.

Despite there being a plethora of bouquet options in the market, you may want to consider getting your boo something a little more unique than the regular roses and baby's breath, especially if they don't fancy flowers themselves.

We have a few options that you can consider, including a very practical corn bouquet, a bouquet made of chocolates and even a money bouquet.

1. Cotton candy bouquet

If your partner has a sweet tooth and loves pastel colours, the Butterfly Bouquet ($48) from Cotton Dreams will be right up their alley.

Each bouquet comes with seven transparent baubles filled with cotton candy in assorted flavours, including grape, strawberry and White Rabbit candy.

A more extravagant option would be the Butterfly Queen ($118) which comes with 14 baubles. The entire bouquet is also topped off with a gorgeous butterfly crown.

To order, fill up the form on their website and WhatsApp 97695609 after making payment via PayNow.

2. Macaron bouquet

Another sweet option would be the Macaron Bouquet Flowers ($200) from Annabella Patisserie.

The beautiful arrangement features ten heart-shaped macarons with chocolate filling, bundled together with stalks of baby's breath.

Order it here.

3. Chocolate-dipped strawberries bouquet

Did you know that strawberries are considered the symbol of Venus, also known as the goddess of love? So offering your partner a bouquet of strawberries is actually a rather romantic gesture.

You can get the Pinky Wish Chocoberry Flower Bouquet from Rainbowly which features their signature chocolate-coated strawberries that are arranged together with three stems of roses.

Order it here.

4. Fruit and vegetables bouquets

If your partner is a practical person who never knows what to do with wilting flowers, you can consider getting them a fruit or vegetable bouquet instead. Yes, these exist!

The CORNgratulations bouquet ($40) from Petal Artistry is a great way to congratulate them for having a date this Valentine's Day.

Each bouquet comes with two cobs of corn and some celery. Here's a post-Valentine's Day date idea: make a soup with these vegetables for a healthy meal after that luxurious romantic dinner.

If corn and celery aren't your partner's thing, another option from Petal Artistry is the Ruby Apples Posy ($68).

The bouquet comes with Ruby Red apples from New Zealand and an assortment of other fresh blooms that are neatly arranged and wrapped in brown paper.

Order CORNgratulations here and Ruby Apples Posy here.

5. Chocolate bar bouquet

For partners who love snacking, especially on chocolates, this Chocolate Bouquet ($60) from Magical Blooms will be the perfect gift.

PHOTO: Magical Blooms 

Red roses and baby breath flowers come together with packets of Kinder Bueno and Kit Kat Chunky to make a bouquet that's both cute and practical. You can also opt to add a personalised sticker message, fairy lights or a teddy bear to make it even more special.

Order it here.

6. Money bouquet

If your date is a money-driven individual, a money bouquet from Magical Blooms is the way to their heart.

These are available in different denominations — for instance, Double Happiness contains 10 $10 notes while 50s has five $50 notes — depending on how much you want to give your partner.

Order it here.