Birthday or wedding party? Jamie Chua rocks custom-made white gown at luxurious birthday bash

PHOTO: Instagram/Jamie Chua

Whether it is having multiple rooms for clothes or over 2,000 lipsticks, it's safe to say that local socialite Jamie Chua is one to go over the top.

Her recent birthday lunch with a bunch of girl friends no doubt lived up to her reputation, as seen in a video on her YouTube channel yesterday (Nov 3). 

The 49-year-old's bash – which was held at floral-themed French restaurant Ce Soir Singapore – was a swanky affair.

Jamie herself was dressed the part, donning a custom-made white tulle dress designed by acclaimed Indonesian designer Monica Ivena.

Decked out in dried and preserved flowers with a bohemian-style interior, the restaurant also doubled up as a perfect backdrop for photos.

No surprise then, that Jamie took the chance to conduct a solo photoshoot with professional set-up and lighting before her friends arrived. 

Of course, the celebration also had the quintessential elements (and more) of a birthday party: toasts to the birthday girl, a bouquet of pink roses, an elaborate lunch menu, as well as not one, but three birthday cakes.

Local socialite Jamie Chua held a birthday bash at French restaurant Ce Soir Singapore. 
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Jamie Chua

And the icing on the cake? This elaborate celebration was just one of many lined up in Jamie's calendar for the month.

"I have been eating too much lately. I'm having never-ending birthday dinners, lunches for the whole month," shared Jamie.

"I better make sure I get my exercise in everyday, or else it's going to be so hard to fit into my clothes soon."

Jamie Chua had not one, but three birthday cakes at her birthday lunch. 
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Jamie Chua

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