'Bro's paying to go to work': Netizens reckon that paying $300 for a workspace in Bali isn't worth it

'Bro's paying to go to work': Netizens reckon that paying $300 for a workspace in Bali isn't worth it
YouTuber Uptin is loving the vibes of this co-working space.
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Uptin

Forking out 3.2 million rupiah (S$300) a month to use an office space may sound absurd to some but YouTuber Uptin has no qualms about doing so.

After all, this space he speaks so highly of isn't your run-of-the-mill office.

From free drinks to yoga sessions, the perks he was entitled to (based on his package) feel more suited for someone on sabbatical as opposed to a working adult.

The YouTuber is currently based in Bali and when work calls, he heads out to the co-working space BWork Bali in the hip town of Canggu.

Uptin shared more about this co-working space in a TikTok video posted on Thursday (Sept 15).


In an age where working from home is all the rave, Uptin would put himself in the group that swims against the tide. He prefers to be out and about when doing work.

It doesn't help that he often "gets distracted" when trying to be productive at home or in coffee shops.

He's loving this particular co-working space and simply describes the vibes as "really nice".

Working in a common space also opens up opportunities to network and make friends with other digital nomads, which can be extremely valuable in the long haul, Uptin added.

A quick scan of the BWork Bali website backs Uptin's points as members are able to sign up for events such as BBQ night and hand-building pottery workshop.

"Also, as part of an unlimited membership, you get 10 free drinks every month and 15 free yoga classes," the YouTuber said.

Internet access any time any day, an open space to be productive and free drinks and classes. Suddenly, $300 may not look like such a large sum.

However, most netizens weren't swayed. Many were baffled at the concept of paying a monthly fee just to have an office space.

"Bro's paying to go to work," one TikTok user succinctly commented.

Thankfully for Uptin, he wasn't alone in thinking that there are benefits when it comes to using a co-working space.

One TikTok user commented that places like BWork Bali can be great for freelancers as it "gets boring just being at home".

Another netizen pointed out that working in such an environment would mean one can potentially avoid nasty office politics as well.

If $300 a month for such a service feels pricey, you can follow in the footsteps of Jane Tor instead.

In an interview on August 2022, the Singaporean woman (who is also a digital nomad based in Bali) claimed that her expenses total up to less than $800 a month.

Before you ask, yes that includes food and rent.

Maybe being a digital nomad isn't that bad of an idea after all. Career switch, anyone?

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