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Digital nomad couple break down daily expenses in Lisbon, share tips for those travelling to the city

Digital nomad couple break down daily expenses in Lisbon, share tips for those travelling to the city
PHOTO: TikTok/Shrugmyshoulder

Considering a trip to sunny Portugal but not sure how much of a dent it would make in your wallet?

This digital nomad couple from Singapore might be able to shed some light on the matter.

JS, a software engineer, and Marilyn, a business owner, have been travelling the world since September 2021 and the 21st country destination on their list is Portugal. 

In a TikTok video uploaded last Thursday (Oct 12), they shared how much they spent on their first day in Lisbon, the capital and largest city of Portugal. 

@shrugmyshoulder How much I spend in Lisbon, Portugal~ Day 19 of 96 — #sgtravel #digitalnomad #lisbonlovers #workandtravel #howmuchispend #travelbudget #reelssg ♬ original sound - ShrugMyShoulder

Apart from expenditure on the basics like transport and food, the couple also factored in their accommodation cost. 

They paid $136 for a room at a guesthouse called DuMont Lisbon and opted for a shared bathroom. 

"This is great value since [the guesthouse] is located at a prime area," shared Marilyn. 

Their first expenditure of the day was on public transport and they paid $2.40 for a train ride.  

"We took a train instead of a taxi since the public transport is very efficient here," said Marilyn. 

Of course, they had to grab a bite to eat so they got a set lunch from an eatery called Cafe Fatima for $14.40. 

After filling their bellies, they decided to "take it slow" and work from their accommodation till evening. 

And then, it was time to eat again. 

As they were craving for some Asian food, the couple got dinner at a Chinese restaurant for $10. 

Apart from that, they also got a bottle of water for 43 cents. 

AsiaOne has reached out to the couple for more details.

They have some travel tips too

After spending a few days in the city, they compiled a list of helpful travel tips for anyone travelling to Lisbon for the first time. 

This was uploaded onto TikTok last Saturday (Oct 14). 

The first tip was regarding the city's hilly terrain. 

"Similar to San Francisco, there's a lot of stairs and slopes, so definitely bring comfortable footwear and luggage with sturdy wheels," advised Marilyn. 

For connectivity, she suggested using an eSIMcard instead of getting a physical SIM card at the airport as it may be a more affordable option. Marilyn also advised that it is best to compare the price of the two options before making a decision. 

@shrugmyshoulder Here are some of the things we learned so far from our time in Lisbon Portugal. Share yours with us! 🤷🏻‍♀️ — #digitalnomad #shotoniphone #digitalnomadcouple #visitmorocco #remotework #reelssg #数码游民 ♬ jazzy hip hop beat (battle)(901201) - RIKIYA

She also recommended getting around the city by train as it is "convenient". 

Additionally, there is the option of getting either a single trip ticket or a 24-hour pass. 

"If you take more than three trips in 24 hours, the day pass will be more worth it," she shared. 

Worried about not being able to communicate with the locals there? Don't worry because many of the locals speak English despite Portuguese being their official language. 

Menus in eateries also usually come in the two languages so you don't have to fret too much about a potential language barrier. 

If you want to save on tourist attractions, Marilyn suggested getting the Lisbon Card, especially since it includes free transport and free museum entries. 

The couple themselves purchased the 48 hour Lisbon Card and it worked well for them over a weekend of exploring the city. 

They have recommendations for South Korea too 

Earlier in July, the digital nomad couple also gave some tips after their five-week stay in South Korea

They recommended getting a T-Money Card for public transport instead of a single trip card. 

They also warned that telco plans are rather expensive in South Korea but Wi-Fi is available in most cafes and shopping malls. 

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