Dopamine dressing: Bright makeup that boosts your mood

PHOTO: Pexels

We all know that certain colours can affect the way you feel: Blues and greens can calm flustered souls, while orange and yellows can uplift mood and make you feel more cheerful.

As the world recovers from the pandemic, there is optimism in the air and dopamine dressing is predicted to be a key trend in 2022.

Dopamine dressing really just means dressing (whether clothes or makeup) with the intention of improving your mood.

Here are the technicolour dream cosmetics that can elevate your dopamine levels.

Dior Addict in 536 Lucky, $58, Dior


Named after Monsieur Dior's lucky charm, this coral tone may look too vivid at first, but actually just gives a light was of colour on the lips.


O-Bloos Rosi Drops, $52, Drunk Elephant at Sephora

PHOTO: Sephora

Whether you have applied any foundation or not, a touch of this fluid blusher brings life back to your complexion, and gives it a really natural flush.


Les Mains Hermès Nail Varnish in Orange Boîte , $74, Hermès Beauty

PHOTO: Hermès

Who doesn't love the Hermès orange?

Perhaps this colour can conjure up some happiness that comes with buying a new Birkin.


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Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 6, $105, Anastasia Beverly Hills at Sephora

PHOTO: Sephora

This palette has all of the brightest and most pigmented eyeshadow, and then some.

Go for a monochrome look or mix and match if you're feeling adventurous.


Powder Kiss Soft Matte Eye Shadow in Fall In Love, $39, MAC at Sephora

PHOTO: Sephora

Just a light wash of this colour over the lids can do wonders in brightening the complexion.


Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush in Nearly Apricot, $34, Rare Beauty at Sephora

PHOTO: Sephora

The creamy finish of this blusher makes it easy to blend on the cheeks.

You can also dab it on the lips and eyes for a unified monochromatic look.


Rouge Coco Baume in In Love, $53, Chanel

PHOTO: Chanel

The seven shades from the Coco Baume collection are inspired by the Gabrielle Chanel's garden in La Pausa.

This shade in particular gives a dreamy wash of red and is super comfortable to wear.


Stylo Contour Des Yeux Kohl eye liner, $43, Gucci Beauty at Sephora

PHOTO: Sephora

A relaxed mask mandate means you should still dress up your eyes.

Our weapon of choice? The Gucci Stylo Contour Des Yeux Khol eye liner which glides on smoothly without tugging.


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This article was first published in Harper's Bazaar Singapore.