Dream (glass) house: Naomi Neo's new home features hidden bathrooms and luxe starlight ceiling

Dream (glass) house: Naomi Neo's new home features hidden bathrooms and luxe starlight ceiling
PHOTO: Screengrabs/YouTube/Naomi Neo

This fancy three-storey glass house bungalow is a head-turner, for sure.

Last December, local influencer Naomi Neo offered a glimpse of her swanky new home.

Those hoping for a full house tour were made to wait, but it's finally here.

Naomi uploaded a 14-minute-long YouTube video last Sunday (March 26) where she shared more on how her architectural masterpiece of a home was built.


Since young, she "always wanted to live in a glass house" so that was the ultimate goal with regard to renovation works.

While Naomi was clear in the vision of her dream home, she did her best to "stay practical" considering that glass houses tend to trap heat.

The 27-year-old knew she also needed to keep an eye on the budget as good-grade glass can be costly.

While the glass panels are eye-catching, chances are that guests will find her home theatre and karaoke room the most impressive part of the house.

While you watch your favourite shows on a laptop, Naomi snuggles up in this room to have the full movie theatre experience.

And when she gets bored, all she has to do is look up and enjoy her starlight ceiling, inspired by the Rolls-Royce Starlight Headliner.

Another feature that guests are likely to enjoy is the hidden common washroom.

Blink and you'd miss it, the washroom sits right next to the kitchen and matches that of a fancy boutique hotel with lush marble flooring and luxe bathroom fixtures.

"We really prioritise the look and feel, and overall design of this washroom because it's the most commonly used one by our guests," she said. 

Moving on to where the magic happens, Naomi reveals the inspiration behind the master bedroom.

"I wanted it to feel like a hotel lah," she giggled.

From the fancy bed to the feature wall, it's safe to say that this is not your regular three-star hotel.

Even the walk-in wardrobe connected to the bedroom could have its own tour.

This is where her bags, sneakers and clothes are housed and there's even space for a vanity area.

Here's where Naomi gets her make-up done, using the "huge a** mirror so [she] could check [herself] out".

A fun fact about the house is that it runs completely on solar energy.

There's even an electric charger on the ground floor where she can charge her electric vehicle.

In the comments section, netizens were in awe of the home and showered Naomi with congratulatory messages.

"Oh my god, it's real crazy rich Asian," a YouTube user said.

But with so much glass, a common question among other netizens was "who's cleaning these windows?"

The entire three-year process has been "a crazy journey", from finding a unit to tearing it down and redesigning the whole space from the ground up.

Astonishingly, Naomi shares that her house is still a "work in progress" in her video captions. 

If this is yet to be the finished product, her next upcoming house tour is likely to be just as mindblowing.


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