Every mahjong addict's dream? This Punggol home has a luxe mahjong corner complete with a giant LED hong zhong

PHOTO: Space Envision

With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, some of us may want to get into the festive mood by updating our wardrobes with mahjong-inspired clothes and apparel to show our love for the game.

The owners of this house decided to take it a step further, carving out a space in their home dedicated to the popular Chinese game.

And it seems that others might be following suit, at least from the positive response interior design company Space Envision received when it shared photos of the unique Northshore apartment on its Facebook on Tuesday (Feb 9).

The post has since gone viral, with over 1,000 shares and nearly 300 comments at the time of writing.

How about a game of Mahjong at Northshore?

Posted by Space Envision on Monday, February 8, 2021

Plastered on the walls of the open concept room are light-emitting diode (LED) signs shaped like the three dragon tiles — bai ban, hong zhong and fa cai.

In the centre of the room is every mahjong player's dream — an electronic table that helps you shuffle and arrange the tiles so that you don't have to painstakingly do so yourself.

PHOTO: Space Envision 

The rest of the home has an industrial-chic aesthetic with a grey colour scheme and wood-panelled floors. One may expect a mahjong themed room to stand out awkwardly in such a sleek looking space but surprisingly, it blends in quite well.

Naturally, netizens took to the comments section of the post to tag their friends as well as express their desire for such a home.

PHOTO: Screengrab/ Internet

While it's probably far too late for us to do up a mahjong corner that is this fancy for Chinese New Year 2021, you can still use this as an inspiration for next year or if you're renovating your Build-To-Order flat