Fast and furious: Naomi Neo hits Sepang racing circuit in red McLaren

Fast and furious: Naomi Neo hits Sepang racing circuit in red McLaren
Naomi Neo standing next to the limited edition McLaren Senna supercar.
PHOTO: Photo: Instagram/naomineo

For any car enthusiast, a day spent at the racing circuit is always a cherished memory.

So we can imagine the delight on Naomi Neo's face after she managed to get behind the steering wheel of one of the supercars at a recent McLaren track day event at the Sepang racing circuit in Kuala Lumpur.

The 27-year-old influencer shared a TikTok clip of her experience last Saturday (Feb 25), attracting over one million views so far.


At the circuit, Naomi was treated to a line-up of drop dead gorgeous McLaren supercars including the likes of classic models like the 600LT as well as latest releases such as the Artura.

She even got inside the limited-edition McLaren Senna, branded as "the fastest track-focused road hypercar" which goes from 0 to 100km/h in a mere 2.8 seconds!

And even though it was raining, that didn't deter Naomi from slipping into the driver seat for a lap.

The mum-of-two put the pedal to the metal in a red McLaren supercar, clocking in a top speed of 247km/h despite the wet conditions. 

Unfortunately though, it wasn't all smooth sailing for Naomi at the races. 

She shared that she encountered a moment of misogyny at Sepang when one of the track day participants asked her, "Why aren't you seated in your man's car?"

And her winning comeback: "Why do I have to?" 


Naomi has made no secret of her love for cars. The content creator previously bought her $600,000 dream car, a Lamborghini Huracan back in 2020 and also owns a Mercedes as well. 


Netizens were also quick to back Naomi over the incident, with some commenting that she was "slaying" it like a boss with her "female alpha's vibes". One commenter even cheekily wrote: "My man sits in my car".

Others were suitably impressed by her performance on the race track, with some commending Naomi for her fast top speed. One even made a reference to the Fast and Furious franchise by calling her "fast & fabulous". 

The influencer made the headlines earlier in the month over her two-year-old daughter's birthday celebrations.

She disclosed that she spent up to $20,000 for Zyla Rey on a dinosaur-themed party by party planner Abite Atelier which included an elaborate backdrop featuring 3D dinosaur figurines, a gazillion balloons and an adorable two-tiered cake. 

Understandably, Naomi received much flak from envious netizens with one comment saying that it's "practically the cost of a small wedding".

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