Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar: What to expect, including old favourites like The Original Vadai

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar: What to expect, including old favourites like The Original Vadai
PHOTO: AsiaOne/Kimberly Anne Lim

After a two-year hiatus, the popular Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar is back in action

Taking place from April 2 to May 2, the bazaar is open from 1pm to 11pm and comprises of two zones near Wisma Geylang Serai, with a maximum of 20 stalls in each zone. 

Zone 1 is located on level one of Wisma Geylang Serai and mainly houses fashion and accessory stalls. Foodies can make a beeline for Zone 2, where you'll find your favourite vendors such as The Original Vadai and must-have foods such as the classic Ramly burger. 

Though the bazaar is much smaller as compared to its pre-pandemic glory days, the festive vibes are there and it still has plenty to offer. 

Curious to know how this year's bazaar compares to its past runs? We've got you covered. 

Zone 1 

If you're on the hunt for some new clothes, head over the Zone 1 to revamp your wardrobe. 

When AsiaOne visited the area on Saturday (April 2), not all the stalls were open yet. However, from what we saw, there were a good variety of men's, women's and children's clothing options available. 

There were also stalls selling snacks and cookies, as well as those offering henna services. 

Zone 2 

The highlight of the bazaar for most is at Zone 2. Here are some of the food stalls we spotted there. 

The Original Vadai 

During the pandemic, this pasar malam favourite pivoted and opened multiple physical stores islandwide. Now, it has finally returned to its roots. 

Specialising in vadai, which is an Indian savoury doughnut made of lentils, they have popular options like prawn vadai ($1.20), grago vadai ($1.20) and cheese vadai ($4.50). Planning to share these with a your family and friends? Get either a box of 20 ($24) or 30 ($35) vadai. 

Ramly burgers

If you haven't been able to make a trip across the Causeway just yet and are craving for a no-frills Ramly Burger, you're in luck. Each burger is going for just $4.50. 

Dendeng House 

Right next to the Ramly burger stall is Dendeng House, which sells halal barbecued meats.

Rancho Meats 

For premium marinated meats like ribeye or chicken, pop on over to Rancho Meats

Here, you can get a bun, bucket or bowl of marinated meats of your choice, doused in sauces such as nacho cheese and mentaiko. 

Latif's Briyani 


Specialising in all things briyani, Latif's Briyani is another popular stall at the bazaar — it was already sold out when we visited again on Sunday (April 3) evening. 

T Bob's Corner Steakhouse 

For those who are into ribs, burgers and all things meaty, head over to T Bob's Corner.

Apart from beef ribs ($20/$30), lamb shoulder ($15/200 grams) and steak & fries ($15), they also have burgers ($15 to $18) and lasagne ($13 for chicken, $14 for beef). 

Want to bring some of their meat home? They have frozen beef ribs ($25), lamb ribs ($25) and lamb shoulder ($25). 

Ole Ole! 

Check out Ole Ole! for some creative food options.  

Here, you can get vaccine-themed drinks such as Apple Pizer ($8.90) and Mango Modernla ($8.90). Yakult lovers can also try the Yakult cake ($8.90). 

They also sell meat and seafood paella ($15.90 for meat, $18.90 for seafood). 

Praffles by Fooditude 

Can't decide between waffles and prata? Why not get a praffle instead? 

The concept by Fooditude features genius creations like assam pedas fish praffles ($13.90), chicken curry praffles ($12.90) and chilli crab praffles ($15.90). 

Ramadan Kebab 

The Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar just isn't complete without a stall selling kebabs. At Ramadan Kebab, you can get chicken cheese kebabs for $4 and beef kebabs for $5. 

Apam balik, pisang goreng and other fried delights

For some tasty apam balik (stuffed pancake), pop over to the stall next to Ramadan Kebab.  

Here, you'll also find a variety of fried food, including Thai chicken skin ($4, $5 or $6), pisang goreng (fried banana) and lekor (fish crackers). 


To beat the sweltering Singapore heat, grab yourself a drink from Alley (not to be confused with Taiwanese bubble tea brand The Alley). 

Here, you can find pop sodas for $4 (3 for $10), chendol shakes for $6.80 and coconut shakes for $6.30. 

Apart from that, they also sell snacks like poffertjes ($6.50) which come in flavours such as nutella and ondeh ondeh. 

Xiao Shao Ye 

You can also get some cooling coconut ($5) and sugarcane ($5) drinks from Xiao Shao Ye, a vendor that will be familiar to those who frequent pasar malams and food fairs. 

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