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Here's how to get the KTV experience for free at home - hostesses not included

Here's how to get the KTV experience for free at home - hostesses not included
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Miss crooning old school tunes from a dingy booth but don't want to shell out on a karaoke system for your home?

It's been a hot minute since any of us have had a proper karaoke session, and if you aren't particularly keen to become a part of Singapore's second-largest active cluster, visiting a KTV lounge isn't the best option either.

But thanks to these free apps and YouTube channels, you'll be able to flex your singing chops from the comfort and safety of your home.

Quan Min Party

If you miss the social aspect of karaoke and singing your heart out with friends and family, this app will probably hit the spot.

You can enter virtual rooms to sing with your friends – or random strangers, if that's what you're into.

And you can hype them up by sending them virtual gifts such as roses.

The app's only downside is that its interface is entirely in Chinese which might make it a little tough to navigate for those who aren't fluent.

Download it on the Apple App Store or Google Play.



Even if you aren't much of a singer, there's just something about the karaoke mic and how it makes everyone sound better.

For those who need a little help with their voice, Yokee promises to "auto-enhance" your voice with special effects such as auto-tune and echo.

Yokee mainly carries English songs, neatly sorted by the decade and handy categories such as love songs and musicals. It even has a selection of kids songs to keep the little ones entertained.

Download it on the Apple App Store or Google Play.


If you're the type to sing till the chorus and skip to the next song, try StarMaker. The app's Hook function takes you straight to the best part of the song.

Other special features include the recording function and pitch correction, so you can live out those pop star dreams even if you're tone deaf.

StarMaker has songs in a variety of languages, including English, Malay and Tagalog.

Download it on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

KaraFun Karaoke

While you aren't able to toggle settings such as vocals on YouTube, its beauty lies in its simplicity – no downloading or set-up needed.

This YouTube channel has a pretty wide variety of songs, ranging from retro hits to newer chart-toppers such as Olivia Rodrigo's Deja Vu.

Their songs are mostly in English, but they do have some K-pop songs from Blackpink and BTS.

Chinese KTV

If you're more of a Mandopop fan, Chinese KTV is another YouTube channel that should be right up your alley.


For a better viewing experience, try out these apps and channels on your tablets or smart TVs. If you really want to up the KTV factor, you can even get a bluetooth microphone for cheap – this one is on sale for $8.99 on Shopee.

And you're all set for your karaoke session! Just a word of warning: try not to blow out your neighbour's eardrums.

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