This hot pot restaurant in Taiwan rewards customers shorter than 175cm with free slices of meat

Standing 'tall' at 155cm, I've often been ridiculed about my height.

"Pocket-sized", "vertically-challenged", "lilliput" and "smurf", are just some of the nicknames given to me. Honestly, I've never been fazed by it. 

In fact, being short has its perks too: aircrews from budget airlines tend to help place your baggage in the overhead compartment without judging you, bus drivers think you're still a student when you forget to bring your Ezlink card and more.

To add on to the list, Ai Shi Guo, a hot pot chain restaurant in Taiwan, is now rewarding you for being short.

For every centimetre (cm) shorter than 175cm, you get one slice of meat for free.

Yay, I'll get 20 slices in total. Enough to fill me up!

There's a measuring scale on the wall for a picture op and to catch giants who try to cheat their way into getting free meat. 

The shop has even provided cheeky props that read: "Who knew it pays to be short".

But there's no such thing as a free meal — you'll have to spend a minimum of NT$688 (S$30) per person. 

To make your money's worth, I suggest rounding up all your friends who are shorter than 175cm and celebrate your tiny stature over free meat and this cute teddy bear-shaped broth. 

If you're intending to add Ai Shi Guo into your upcoming Taiwan travel itinerary, you'll have to make a pitstop at either Taichung or Kaohsiung.


Apparently, restaurants in China have also rewarded patrons for other bizarre physical traits, such as this seafood restaurant that got flak for giving out discounts according to female customers' breast sizes.

Another Chongqing eatery gave free meals to men who are overweight, and discounts for women who are underweight. 

PHOTO: Apple Daily

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