I tried Fann Wong's $58 Mother's Day tart - here's how it compares to her other bakes

I tried Fann Wong's $58 Mother's Day tart - here's how it compares to her other bakes
PHOTO: AsiaOne/Melissa Teo

Actress and avid baker Fann Wong is back with an exclusive dessert to celebrate Mother's Day.

The Raspberry Sakura Yoghurt Tart will be sold on her online pastry shop, Fanntasy, from April 19. 

The 650g tart will be available in a $78 bundle deal, which also includes a 250ml bottle of Japanese craft gin from Roku Gin. 

Not an alcohol fan? You can just get the tart for $58. 

Last year, when the 51-year-old first launched her pastry store, all 1,000 tarts were snapped up within half an hour

We've also tried Fann's Saitama Yuzu Dream Cake, which, unsurprisingly, was sold out within hours of its launch.

So how does this tart match up?

First impressions 

Like the Saitama Yuzu Dream Cake, the Raspberry Sakura Yoghurt Tart came neatly packaged in a powder blue box.

The tart itself was a treat for the eyes and the dusty pink sakura-glazed top was embellished with a sprinkling of rose petals. Pretty. 

The multi-layered tart features Greek yoghurt mousse, a fluffy almond sponge and raspberry marmalade. 

While the tart does look like it would be rather heavy on the palate, surprisingly, it wasn't.

The most prominent flavour was the raspberry marmalade, followed by the slight tartness from the creamy Greek yoghurt. These two helped to mellow each other out so that the dessert was not overly sweet, unlike the Musang King Gula Melaka Tart from Fann's pilot launch.

Additionally, the almond sable was also buttery and not too crumbly, providing a good base for the tart. 

However, I recommend using a sharp knife to cut through it instead of a regular plastic cake knife or you'll find yourself struggling. 

Final verdict 

If you're a fan of more refreshing desserts, this would be up your alley.

I much preferred it to the Saitama Yuzu Dream Cake as the flavours were lighter and overall, it felt more balanced.

In general, it's also rather competitively priced with other tarts in the market. For some context, Fruit Paradise's 19cm Lychee Rose Tart costs $59.81. 


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