We try Fann Wong's sold-out $75 yuzu cake to see if it's worth the hype

We try Fann Wong's sold-out $75 yuzu cake to see if it's worth the hype
PHOTO: Fanntasy

Veteran actress and avid baker Fann Wong is back with a new sweet treat for fans and foodies alike.

The 51-year-old's online pastry store Fanntasy, which sold 1,000 tarts in 30 minutes last year, has launched a new seasonal special, the Saitama Yuzu Dream Cake ($75).

Fanntasy also launched a special $90 bundle which includes the cake and Fann's self-illustrated children's book Awesome, the Loud Little Boy (worth $29.40).

To no one's surprise, the cake sold out within hours of its launch today (March 25). Fortunately, we managed to snag one as part of a media drop and just had to do a taste test.

A decadent dessert

The cake came in Fann's signature powder-blue box and was a sight to behold, with its generous ribbons of buttercream icing infused with yuzu imported from Japan's Saitama prefecture.

It has layers of almond sponge, also infused with yuzu, as well as a house-made honeycomb candy.

While its measurements aren't listed online, our cake was a little over seven inches across (or roughly 15 servings).

The honeycomb was undoubtedly the highlight of the cake, adding sweetness and crunch to compliment the tang of the yuzu.

We aren't the biggest fans of buttercream though, and we found ourselves wishing for a little more sponge cake to balance out the richness of the icing.

Final verdict

Some may find the $75 price tag a little steep, but it's not that far off from what you'd see at other more 'atas' bakery chains — Cedele's eight-inch strawberry yuzu cake costs $66 while Baker's Brew's eight-inch square mango yuzu coconut cake costs $88. 

While we'd recommend skipping the cake if you aren't big on buttercream, it's definitely worth a try if you love your citrus and yuzu desserts.

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