I'm lovin' it: This TikTok ice cream trend has Indonesians smashing their McDonald's cones

I'm lovin' it: This TikTok ice cream trend has Indonesians smashing their McDonald's cones
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Ceeeyeeennn

For most people, having an ice cream usually translates to pure joy, but a vanilla cone on its own can get a little boring. 

Fret not, for our Indonesian friends may have cracked the code with their latest invention – es krim geprek (smashed ice cream).

It's all over the internet and is simple enough to make. All you need are some vanilla cones, a container, a spoon and a pinch of creativity. 

@ceeeyeeennn Demi apa mau sungkem enak bgttt?✨?❤️‍?#eskrimmcd #eskrimgeprek #fyp ♬ OFFICIALLY MISSING YOU DANCE COVER - ?????x ?????????

To get started, find yourself some ice cream. After scrolling through TikTok for a while, the vanilla soft-serve cone from McDonald's seems to be the ice cream of choice.

After placing the ice-cream cone(s) upside down into a container, proceed to smash the living daylights out of it. 

Now comes the fun bit where you can add in whatever toppings you desire. From biscuits to M&M's, have yourself a field day. 

In one viral video, which has amassed over 402,000 views since it was posted on Oct 15, TikToker Ceeeyeeennn decided to incorporate some chocolate-flavoured and strawberry-flavoured Oreos.

Mix it all up and there you go, you've just made your first ever es krim geprek.

@duaduajulii sungkem dulu sama eskrim ini enak bangett sii #eskrimchallenge #mcdgeprekchallenge ♬ OFFICIALLY MISSING YOU DANCE COVER - ?????x ?????????

Two days later, another TikToker, Duaduajulii, gave the trend a go and her immediate reaction was complimentary, to say the least.

The in-video caption read: "Demi apaa in enak bangett mo nangiss."

This loosely translates to "What is this? It's so good, I want to cry". 

Not many desserts can do that to people, mind you.

@siscakohl BIKIN ES KRIM GEPREK DI RUMAH CHECK!??❤️ bersama adikku @aliyyah.kohl #fyp @mitoelectronic @mitochiba.id @steincookware #mito #steincookware ♬ The Blue Danube - Western Horizon Productions

For the uninitiated, es krim geprek is a play on a popular Indonesian dish, ayam geprek, a crispy fried chicken that’s slathered with sambal.

While the rules for making es krim geprek are flexible, this interpretation by Siscakohl may not be to everyone's liking.

Instead of the typical toppings one would add to an ice cream cone, Siscakohl decided to add ayam geprek instead. Yes, sambal and all.

If you are keen on having a bit of fun, why not give es krim geprek a go? You might even want to try it with the cones from the best ice cream parlours Singapore has to offer.

We're not sure how they'd feel if they saw their ice cream smashed with some chicken though.

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