Jamie Chua in Paris: Here's her itinerary, including a catch-up with Sharon Au and multiple trips to Louis Vuitton

Jamie Chua in Paris: Here's her itinerary, including a catch-up with Sharon Au and multiple trips to Louis Vuitton
PHOTO: Instagram/ec24m

With the new Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL), many travel-starved individuals have rushed to book themselves tickets out of Singapore.

This includes local socialite Jamie Chua, 48, who recently jetted to Paris with her partner, Terence Koh.

From browsing through thousand-dollar linen bedsheets to catching up with celebrity friend Sharon Au, here are some of the highlights of Jamie's trip to the city of love, which she shared in a recent vlog. 

Chilling at Louis Vuitton (more than once)

Jamie is known for her massive branded goods collection, so it isn't surprising that she spent a good part of her trip in designer boutiques like Louis Vuitton.

And while many would assume that the socialite can just buy what she wants with a swipe of her credit card, she actually appears to spends quite some time deliberating over an item before making a purchase.

For instance, she had a hard time choosing between a cashmere throw and a piece of furniture, but was leaning more towards the throw because "it's cheaper".

On a separate occasion, she casually popped by the boutique to rest and grab herself some hot coffee and champagne as it had been a "slightly rough day" due to the weather.

Catching up with Sharon Au

If you didn't know by now, former local host and actress Sharon Au, 46, has been living and working in France for a few years.

So, since Jamie and Terence just happened to be in Paris, they took the opportunity to catch up with Sharon over some drinks and light bites.

The group then headed over to a bridge facing the Eiffel Tower to help each other snap some Instagram-worthy photos.

Almost spending $27,798 on bed linen at D.Porthault Paris

Another place on the couple's itinerary was D.Porthault Paris, which is famous for its luxurious embroidered and printed linens.

After a few hiccups, they finally found the store and Jamie contemplated purchasing a gorgeous embroidered linen bedding set — at least until she found out that it would cost a minimum of €18,000 (S$27,798).

"Oh my god. I think I will buy the plain one [instead]," she said with a laugh.

Indulging in delicious French food

Whenever overseas, it's a must to feast on the local food offerings, and that's exactly what Jamie and Terence did.

On day one of their trip, the pair made their way to Crepe Avenue, a French cafe that specialises in sweet and savoury crepes.

"We've noticed that many restaurants that we have been to have kind of closed down, probably due to the pandemic," Jamie shares. "Well, we're glad that we get to eat our favourite crepes."

For another meal, they wined and dined at Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse, a swanky two Michelin-starred restaurant.

They also visited classic French bistro Josephine Chez Dumonet, where they indulged in morilles farcies (stuffed mushrooms) and langoustines.


Can't get enough of Jamie's trip? Well, she's not done documenting her adventures just yet. At the end of the video, she shares that this is only the first part of her Paris vlog — good news for folks who are living vicariously through her travels.


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