Jeanette Aw breaks the internet, bakery website crashes before official launch

PHOTO: Instagram/jeanetteaw, Instagram/onceuponatime

[UPDATE: May 27]

Once Upon a Time’s bakes are sold out for the month of June, Jeanette shared in an Instagram update on Wednesday (May 26).

“Also, a big thank you to all out there who tried to access my website. Apologies on the crash,” she said, adding that the website was up and running by Tuesday night (May 25).

After years of baking and months of planning, actress Jeanette Aw has finally opened her new pastry shop, Once Upon A Time, at Hamilton Road. 

And it seems that that her bakes are in hot demand — Once Upon A Time's website was down even before its official launch today (May 25) at 10am. 

While the pastry shop is already fully renovated and functioning, the store is currently not accepting walk-ins. All orders have to be made via its website.  

It's evident that fans are stoked to get their hands on her bakes because when I visited the site at around 9:50 am, I was already greeted by a notice that said "resource limit is reached". 

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After attempting to refresh the page a few times, I finally managed to make it to the main page, which featured an image with information about her upcoming bake launch. 

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After almost breaking my mouse from refreshing the page, I finally managed to make it onto the site around some 10 minutes after the launch. However, all I could see was a painting of Jeanette in her new pastry shop — no bakes to be found.

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Within seconds, this image disappeared and I was back to square one with the "resource limit is reached" page. Hello, darkness my old friend. 

Upon checking the shop's Instagram page, I realised that I wasn't the only one facing the same issue. 

PHOTO: Instagram/onceuponatime

Around an hour later, another update was shared on Instagram story saying that the "website is down". 

PHOTO: Instagram/onceuponatime 

It seems like the whole of Singapore was aggressively camping out for Jeanette's new launch as Once Upon A Time's comment section was flooded with people who couldn't access the page. 

PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram

Sneak peak of her bakes 

Curious about what's on sale? Jeanette offers a sneak peek at her creations in a recent episode of Mediacorp's #justswipelah series. 

Jeanette, who's currently baking everything herself, is starting small with just three items on her menu. 

The first is the new and improved Blueberry Burst ($10), which was actually one of her old recipes. 

Blueberry Burst. PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube

She will also be selling financiers ($26 for a box of 10), which essentially are small French almond cakes that have an eggshell-like exterior. 

Financier. PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube 

Lastly, she'll also be selling her rendition of a pineapple tart with a Western twist — the pineapple financier ($32 for a box of 10). 

Pineapple Financier. PHOTO: Screengrab/Youtube 

If you're curious about her bakes, I hope you have more luck than I did with her website. 

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