Jeanette Aw's been 'baking' this baby of hers in the oven for 9 months - and it's finally ready

Jeanette Aw's been 'baking' this baby of hers in the oven for 9 months - and it's finally ready
PHOTO: Facebook/Jeanetteaw

Hold your horses.

Jeanette Aw isn't actually welcoming a baby into this world. However, she has been 'baking' this baby for nine months.

Her pastry store Once Upon A Time only opened in May 2021, but Jeanette is ready to go international.

According to Chinese publication Shin Min Daily News, the 43-year-old local actress has expanded her dessert business to Japan, more specifically to Takasaki, a city in the eastern Kanto region.

Shin Min mentioned that she was in Japan earlier this month to have her dessert shop ready for opening.

It's no surprise that she's branched out to Takasaki, after all, she does have a good relationship with the city. Jeanette has been their publicity ambassador for four years.


The actress mentioned the city has showered her with much attention and love, and she feels like "they treat [her] as a family member".

She's very happy and tells Shin Min that "there will be more plans in the future".

She went as far as saying how opening an overseas outlet wasn't part of a grand scheme.

Jeanette's Japanese friends were the ones who suggested the idea of expanding her business to Japan.

She'll have Japanese business partners along for the ride, with top designer Naonori Yago in charge of the brand and packaging design.


As for the Japan outlet, Jeanette is keen to make the point that the recipes used are hers. 

"There's a lot of competition. But I don't make any comparisons. The important thing is to find your own style and do what you need to do," Jeanette said when asked about competition in the dessert business market.

Asides from her business, a big question on many's lips would be if she's considered going back to acting.

Jeanette replied that she wants to put her attention on the store first.

So it might be a while before fans of the actress get to see her on their TV screens.

If all else fails, why not make a pit stop in Takasaki should you be jetting off to Japan?

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