'The price is definitely not healthy': Pan Lingling and Xiang Yun are selling traditional mooncakes at $168 per box

'The price is definitely not healthy': Pan Lingling and Xiang Yun are selling traditional mooncakes at $168 per box
A photo of Pan Lingling, Xiang Yun and Cao Yong (right), and a photo of the mooncake selling for $168
PHOTO: Instagram/juxingji

After teaming up to sell yusheng, Pan Lingling and Xiang Yun are back with another festive treat — traditional mooncakes at the hefty price of $168.

While most mooncakes have a bad rep for being high in calories, the ones from Ju Xing Ji, Lingling's and Xiang Yun's brand with celebrity chef Cao Yong, are said to contain less sugar, and are thus supposed to be healthier.

However, netizens don't seem to be too pleased with the price — after all, each box contains just four mooncakes. Under a HardwareZone forum post of the news, one netizen commented the mooncakes might be healthy "but the price definitely [is] not healthy".

According to the official Ju Xing Ji website, one box contains:

  • One mixed nuts mooncake
  • One pandan kaya with single yolk mooncake
  • Two double yolk with white lotus paste mooncakes

Besides the mooncakes, you'll also get comes with pu'er tea, along with a food-grade reusable wooden box.

The box is "designed to convey well-wishes of happiness" and can be reused to store jewellery, according to the brand's website. 

Despite the more premium finishing, some netizens are taking issue with the packaging.

One netizen even asked if they could get a discount if they used "the NTUC clear plastic" to hold the mooncakes. 

In case you find the price too steep, but are still interested in giving the goods a try, there is a discount of 30 per cent for pre-orders until Aug 9 ($117.60) and a 20 per cent discount from Aug 10 to 31 ($134.40).

It is also mentioned that shipping will take place from Aug 15 till Sept 9 and there will be a delivery fee of $10.

Ju Xing Ji was first started in 2021 by Xiang Yun, Lingling and Cao Yong. Their first product was a healthy rendition of yusheng, which was priced at $138.

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