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Rebecca Lim is now selling homemade sourdough bread, but you have to wait till July to try it

Rebecca Lim is now selling homemade sourdough bread, but you have to wait till July to try it
PHOTO: Instagram/thelimskitchen, Instagram/limrebecca

Of late, a number of local celebrities — such as Jeanette Aw, Chew Chor Meng, and Ben Yeo — have set up new F&B businesses despite the ongoing pandemic.

Joining the slew of home cooks and home bakers is 34-year-old actress Rebecca Lim, who has started selling homemade sourdough bread with her brother Daniel, 35.

However, don't expect them to be similar to your run-of-the-mill loaves of bread, because they come paired with gourmet toppings like truffle butter and crabmeat salad.

Unfortunately, while the siblings' bakes sound absolutely sublime, you can only get your hands on them from July.


According to an Instagram post uploaded yesterday (May 31) to Rebecca's family's shared food Instagram page, they are fully booked for June.

It mentioned that their next batch of bakes will be ready in July and by then, they would have also moved to an online portal to streamline the ordering process.


Previous posts on the page showed mouth-watering photos of the Sebastian Sourdough Bundle ($40), which consists of a loaf of sourdough bread, crab slaw, squid ink aioli, truffle butter, and spring onion garlic cream cheese.

If you're keen on just enjoying the loaf on its own, you can get one for $15. This comes with a 50g serving of truffle butter.

A quick scroll through the Lim Family's Instagram reveals that the family isn't new to the kitchen — they've actually been posting about their cooking adventures since 2018.


An Instagram highlight posted a week ago reveals a little backstory about their sourdough journey.

They began experimenting with sourdough recipes in July 2019 when they were gifted a starter named Larry, which is coincidentally their father's name.

A starter is a live fermented culture of fresh flour and water, and it acts as yeast to help the bread rise.

Despite having plenty of experience in the kitchen, the family still struggled with the bread-making process and after "scores of failed loaves and full tummies," they finally perfected the recipe. 

They fondly named the sourdough Larry's Loaves after Dad, as he loves the slow-fermented bread.

"He's been unwell for some time, and eating 'Larry's' loaves and breaking bread as a family has brought us comfort, in a strangely poetic way," the family wrote in the Instagram highlight. 

"Ironically, he has never tasted our homemade loaves but our fingers are crossed that he will get well soon!"

As they say, a family that cooks together, stays together.

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